School Nurse

Job Description Of A School Nurse

A school nurse is employed by school to endorse healthy living in school children and also help them with them with their medical problems in every day life. It is the responsibility of a school nurse to deal with the health issues of any member of a school community. It comes under her job profile to offer health advice to each student and keep their medical records confidential. A school nurse often has to deal with young students who are going through mental stress. She has to provide proper guidance and aid to such students. Apart from this, she has to be well trained in providing first aid as school students often face injuries when playing. Providing advice for staff and parents on childcare and how to tackle infections and other problems is also a major part of job description of the school nurse.

These days school nurses are asked to pay more attention to the adolescents. It can be often seen that teenagers that fall pray to teenage pregnancy and drug addiction. Many children suffer from obesity and mental stress and school nurses are there to advise best diet plans for those children.

It is essential to be a registered nurse to be employed by any educational organization. It is must to have a bachelor, associate or certification degree from any reputed nursing home. There are various exams one can take to get a license and certificate for nurses and which make them qualified for a nursing job in a school.

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