PhD nursing scholarships

Top 5 phd nursing scholarships and how to apply them

For nurses who are fanatical about advancing their career in the field of research or educating future nurses, a PhD in the field can help them achieve their goals. Most of the students who are admitted in the doctoral programs have already completed their master’s degree but undergraduate students who have good score in their academics are also being enrolled directly into the programs. Many private foundations and non-profit organizations are providing the doctoral programs along with the scholarships which are proved to be very beneficial to the students. Many government universities are providing the same.

Here is a list of some of the universities which will be of great use for the aspiring students-

1) University of Pittsburgh

  • Why to join – Pitt’s program is the oldest in the United States. The curriculum provides a strong base in the fundamentals of scholarships. It gives extra focus in the areas such as advanced statistics and history and philosophy of nursing. Students are also required to complete a minor in a subject outside the school of nursing, allowing them to explore their own area of interests. A good quality of study materials is also provided to the students.
  • How to join – To get a room in the Pitt’s home, applicants must have a competitive grade point average, competitive scores on the graduate record examinations. Applications must be completed and submitted online in their website. All academic credentials of undergraduate and graduate work must be mailed in a signed and sealed envelope.

2) March of dimes

  • Why to join – March of dimes offers graduate scholarships to registered nurses enrolled in prenatal nursing graduate programs. The award is $5,000 and is given to several students annually. March of dimes reflects the long-standing commitment to provide information and education to the general public, to the health professionals and the researchers.
  • How to join– Application can be downloaded from the march of dimes website. The eligibility criteria for the applicants are :
    •   They must have a least one remaining academic term after the scholarship is awarded.
    •   They must be a member of a professional nursing organization.

3) Yale university

  • Why to join – Here the potential area of focus includes health care policies, maternal health, chronic illnesses and children with mental disorders. After enrollment, students consult with the faculty members to decide on a focus for their research and course work.
  • How to join – The standards of admission here are high. Students must have earned a master’s degree with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA in order to be considered for acceptance.

4) American association of colleges of nursing

  • Why to join – This provides a resource page that features scholarship and financial aid information for nursing students. More than 20 programs are listed that provides scholarships including building academic geriatric nursing capacity.
  • How to join – For nurses interested in continuing their education, they need to visit AACN’s ‘nursing education ‘section for details about graduate program options, financial aid and other resources.

5) Johns Hopkins university

  • Why to join – Well known for its medical education, it is a prestigious nursing school. Offering include classes on subjects such as global health, writing for publication and human stress responses.
  • How to join – Students need to go through the official website to find more information on the admission procedures.

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