Nursing education loan repayment program

You May Be Eligible To Have Your Nursing Student Loan Paid Off

Overwhelmed by nursing student loans? You may be eligible for help paying your loan off. If you are a United States citizen, with an associate’s degree, or bachelors degree in nursing, you may qualify for a government sponsored nursing student loan payoff assistance program.

The federal Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program was formed to encourage students to select education in nursing, because of the shortage of nurses in the U.S. This program works with the graduate once they receive employment in nursing at a qualified not for profit health facility, to help them pay off their student loans.

This program is for nurses who have chosen to work for an eligible not for profit health agencies, or a school of nursing as a faculty member. You must have completed your training and be licensed to practice nursing. You will have to commit to two years of full time work, of at least 32 hours per week. In exchange for your commitment to work for the non-profit health agency, you will receive payment for 60% of your qualifying student loan. If you work an additional third year, at the same or another qualifying agency, you may receive another 25% payment towards your remaining balance.

You will also receive whatever benefits and salary the health facility has agreed to pay. Your student loan is paid for on top of whatever you earn at the non-profit health facility.

Here is a list of some of the types of eligible non-profit health facilities:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Hospice Programs
  • Native Hawaiian Health Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Indian Health Service Health Centers
  • Local or State Public Health or Human Services Department

Preference is given to those whose total base annual salary is less than 40% of their qualifying student loan. Nurses who select to work in facilities with severe nurse shortages, will also receive preferred funding. Eligibility requires that your education was earned from an accredited nursing school located in the Unites States.

You should read the Program and Application Guidance document before you apply. You can only apply once a year, so it is important that you read the instructions carefully so that you turn in an accurate application. The guide is updated annually, so always get a new copy before applying again.

If selected you will have to sign a contract that you will fulfill your two year obligation, at the facility listed in your application. Failure to fulfill your obligation, may result in serious financial penalties. You next step should be to obtain a copy of the Nurse Education Loan Repayment Program, Program and Application Guidance document. Everything you need to know and do to apply for the funding program will be explained in it.

Army tuition assistance program

The Salient Features Of The Army Reserve Federal Tuition Assistance Continuing Education System Program

There are many programs and educational services that have been offered by the Army Reserve Federal Tuition Assistance Continuing Education System Program for self study and literacy at the workplace. These programs focus on the learning needs of soldiers who are located in remote areas like Haiti. The program is one that ensures that the military becomes knowledgeable and learned with the programs that have been developed in order to promote self improvement and learning. Even if soldiers are in remote locations there are ways via which they are able to make themselves more knowledgeable and educated.

The Army has been responsible for developing and implementing many educational services as well as programs for non-traditional students over fifty years. There are many general practices that have been accepted in the field of army education for both men and women. Some of these practices are the equivalency testing that includes the General Educational Development or the GED and the College Level Exam Program CLEP. There are also programs that provide credit for learning by experience, scheduling that is flexible and tuition assistance. The Army also has the main focus of maintaining the leadership skills of the soldiers through the courses that it generally provides to its soldiers. The army in providing education believes that it needs quality leaders who are able to learn to cater to the ever changing needs of technology. In the educational centers worldwide you will find that soldiers get guidance from professional counselors all over the world.

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One of the most important things you will do during your college education is fill out your FAFSA form. FAFSA stands for “Free Application For Student Aid“. This is the starting point for most successful financial applications. The FAFSA is a free form that you can get in a lot of places. You can order them online, or you can get them from the financial aid office at the college you are attending.

A lot of financial aid offices offer help to the student filling out the FAFSA, which is usually a good idea for first time students. The FAFSA is very complicated and comprehensive. It asks for extensive information regarding family income, educational history and also information on the colleges the student is planning on attending. In order to successfully process the FAFSA, the student needs to also produce documents verifying their identity such as a social security card.

FAFSA deadline

The FAFSA must be turned in by January 1st for the year in which you wish to receive financial aid. Although it is permissible to turn it in later than that, doing so will delay the processing of the form by probably several weeks. The FAFSA is not only used to determine federal aid, it is also used by many states in determining what financial aid the student may receive from the state. If you turn the form in late, you may miss out on state money that can help with college expenses.

The FAFSA asks for information regarding the student’s financial situation. The student may be asked to furnish proof of income. If the student lives with family, they may have to provide income information about the family also. This depends on a circumstance called independent living. If a student has worked or is working, they may be asked to furnish last year’s tax return.

No matter where or how you apply for FAFSA, you will need a student PIN number that is only furnished by the Department of Education. This PIN ensures that no one else will have access to your personal information, and it helps the administration keep better track of who is receiving what aid. The easiest way to get this PIN is by filling out a form on the Department of Education’s website. Or if there is no Internet available it is possible to do over the phone.

To fill out the FAFSA a student needs to be enrolled in an accredited institution either full or part time. The FAFSA must be filled out every year that the student will be attending school. You can submit your FAFSA, and then make changes and corrections as needed. Once you have completed the form and received your PIN, you will be able to access your FAFSA on the Internet through the Department of Education’s website. There you can make corrections, as well as add and remove schools from the list. Any school on your FAFSA will receive a copy of this form.  They will not process it until you complete enrollment, but at least it will be there.

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Federal pell grants

Federal Pell Grants

One of the most important things about college is paying for it. The rising costs of just about everything can make the cost seem prohibitive. However there is help out there in paying for the costs of education. There are many grants, scholarships and loans that can help ease the financial burden.

Grants and scholarships have an advantage over loans because they don’t have to be paid back. While a loan might enable the student to cover more of their expenses, a loan should be the last resort in the financial aid package. One of the grants the student can apply for is the Federal Pell Grant.

There are different ways you can apply for the Federal Pell grant. The easiest by far, is to go the financial aid office of the college you are interested in. There they will be more than happy to help you fill out the form and also submit it. This is a good idea if you are applying for the first time, this application can be complicated if it’s unfamiliar.

A Federal Pell grant does not need to be repaid. If the student leaves school without a degree, or fails to complete their enrollment after receiving their Pell monies, they may be asked to return that money. This is the only way you will ever be asked to pay Pell money back. If a student’s grades and attendance are poor, the school may decide to cancel your Pell disbursement. If this is done, what money hasn’t been spent is returned to the Federal government.

For the academic year, the highest amount available from Pell grants is $5,550 dollars per year. If a student wishes to receive another Pell grant for the year following then they need to reapply. This is simple and often just a formality, as the school already has most of the information required at hand. However if the student does not take the initiative, it isn’t the job of the school to do it for them.

Once it has been decided whether or not the student is eligible for Pell money they can receive that money in a few different ways. Some students have it paid directly to the financial aid office of their school. The financial aid office then applies the grant towards things like tuition, books, lab costs, and other assorted things. If there is any money remaining after that it is often submitted to the student in the form of a check.

Likewise the student can choose to receive their Federal Pell grant themselves. The government will then send a check out to the student, but then it is up to the student to make sure that all these educational expenses are paid, or they may find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Most incoming and first year students are smarter than that.

Until last year a student could receive up to two Pell awards per academic year as long as they were eligible. However this year only one disbursement will be made available due to funding cutbacks. This may strike a bad note with many students, fortunately there are many places a student can go for financial aid.

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Federal Pell grant eligibility criteria must be followed in order to get the most benefit toward the tuition fees.