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Scholarships for Tall People

Financial aid for college comes in many forms. Besides grants and loans, there are also some typical, as well as, some weird scholarships. For instance, In America, the Navy ROTC has the following scholarships available: the Navy, Nurse and Marine. In addition to academic requirements, the physical requirements for nursing scholarships for men require a height of 62″ to 78″…that amounts to 5 ft 2 in up to 6 ft 8 in! Now those in the higher limit are going to be some tall male nurses!

Now we all recognize that men are the minority in the nursing field, although their numbers continue to grow. Nursing is a field well suited to men, and their presence is welcomed by most all members of the healthcare team. But, there remains a need for more men to enter the field and for that to happen, there is a need for more scholarship money. The Navy ROTC nursing scholarship is a great opportunity for those men who do not exceed 6ft 8in. However, what if a man is taller than that? Well, there is the scholarship offered by the Tall Club International.

To qualify for this scholarship, a man must be taller than 6ft 2in. Since many men are, it stands to reason this could be another weird scholarship that might help tall people get nursing scholarships. Then there is the Tylenol scholarship, offering $5000-10000 to students desiring a medical education. So, a 6ft 5in tall, ROTC student could gather up some serious scholarship money by applying to Tylenol and the Tall Club International, in addition to the Navy. We should keep a lookout for the new nurses joining the force, and be prepared to look up to them…I mean waaaay up! 🙂

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  1. Do I have to have a military background for the scholarship for tall people? I am a male standing 6’3″ and am enrolled in a nursing program at Carrington College in Arizona. I am interested in the scholarship.

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