Nursing Scholarships in Washington

The top five nursing scholarships in Washington state

As there continues to be a serious nursing shortage in the United States, there is plenty of scholarship money available if you are willing to do your homework. Nursing is one of those professions hat is “hands on”. It is hard to be automated, or outsourced, hence it is a career choice that is experiencing growth.

If you are looking for a nursing scholarship in Washington State, here are the top five choices you can apply to. Before you embark on any scholarship quest, you must file a FAFSA with the school you are attending for nursing. Based on this form the schools financial aid department will match you with available scholarships that you qualify for. There are other scholarships besides those that the school has access to. If you go online and search for scholarships, you will be surprised at the variety of scholarships you might qualify for if you just apply. The deadline for most of these scholarships is the March before the term you are applying for.

The University Of Washington School Of Nursing offers a variety of scholarship monies to University of Washington students. As it is ranked as one of the top nursing schools in the country, it is extremely well funded, and has over 50 scholarships available to its students.

Washington State University College of Nursing also offers scholarships to it nursing students. The online application, when completed will open you up to consideration for these scholarships. The amounts vary and you must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be considered for them.

The Washington State Nurses foundation is another source of scholarship money for nursing students. They offer an annual $1000 scholarship to a small number of qualified applicants. Undergraduate nursing students must have already completed 12 credits of nursing to be eligible, and graduate nursing students, must have already been accepted into an accredited nursing program.

The Federal Government offers scholarship money with the stipulation that the applicant upon graduation work in a medically underserved area for a minimum of two years. The amount of scholarship includes tuition, books, fees and a monthly stipend while in school. It is the proverbial carrot to entice impoverished nursing students to work in underserved areas. It really is a “win-win” situation”, the country gets trained nurses to work in these underserved areas, and the nurses get a quality education in nursing.

There are other scholarships available with governmental and private organizations, which require a service commitment in exchange for the scholarship. A good example of this is the Air Force and Navy Military scholarships for Nurses. The Air Force and Navy provide scholarship monies for nursing students, with the stipulation that they fulfill a tour of duty with either the Air Force or the Navy. The Federal Government is not an altruistic entity. You do not get something for nothing. It is a big decision for most students to choose to work, for less money, in an impoverished area, even though they have taken the scholarship money with that premise. If they break the contract, the scholarship money must be repaid; it is as simple as that.

Recent nursing scholarships in Washington state
The Robert Guthrie PKU Scholarship

Scholarship Presenter: American Association of Critical Care Nurses

Funds to be given: $1,500.00

Last day to apply: November 1

Accepted at these institution: Any

Details: Each year, scholarships will be announced at the end of January.
The number of scholarships awarded, and the amount granted in any given year will vary, depending on the
applications received and the funds available. The award will be sent after receipt of a college acceptance letter.

Please mail completed application,
postmarked by November 1 to:
The Robert Guthrie PKU Scholarship
c/o National PKU News
6869 Woodlawn Ave. NE #116
Seattle, WA 98115-5469

Please visit the scholarship presenter’s website for more details.


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