Scholarships for minority nurses

When it comes to finding out about minority nurse scholarships, an important question to think about is, what exactly constitutes a minority? At first when people hear the word minority, they tend to think in terms of ethnic groups, and backgrounds. But if we are to be totally fair, ethnic groups are not the only minority in the United States, and they aren’t even the only minority in nursing.

Included in this list are some scholarships that are representative of those “other” minority groups in nursing. When it comes to college, nursing students should avail themselves of every opportunity they get. College can be expensive, especially for nurses in advanced degree programs. Nurses who are enrolled in advanced degree programs can find alternate sources of funding in their area of medical expertise. Every little bit helps.

Minority students who work in nursing are allowed to apply for scholarships through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This program was initiated to help promote increased diversity in the field of nursing. Awards through this program are administered by the school the nursing student is attending. The financial aid office will have more information.

The American Indian Graduate Center offers scholarships and other financial aid programs to Native American students. This includes the Gerald Peet Fellowship which is awarded to those students in medical related fields such as nursing. They also offer the Ruth Bronson scholarship award in the event that the pool of available nurses is low, which it almost always is.

Kaiser Permanente is a company with its eyes to the future and to diversity. They offer several nursing scholarships to minority students. There is the Kaiser Allied Healthcare Scholarship, which is available to any minority student enrolled in a two or four year nursing degree program. They also offer the Health Professions Scholarship Program for those who wish to pursue advanced degrees in nursing and health care.

There are many other charitable organizations and big companies who want to give scholarships to minority students. The schools themselves want to increase their student body, so will also have programs and scholarships available. Sometime alumni offer them, other times civic minded citizens do. The point is, there are scholarships out there, and what is listed here is only a small portion of what is actually available. No there aren’t millions of dollars in unclaimed scholarship money laying around, like those reports on television. But there are plenty of funding sources available, both public and private, that often get overlooked.

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Minority scholarships for men

College Scholarships For Minority Men

Going to college can seem like an expensive undertaking. A lot of people will pass on the chance, thinking that they cannot afford it, or that they don’t have the time to devote to full time studies. There is financial aid out there for people who are eligible. A lot of schools are trying to attract more students to their institutions. They feel a diversified student body is a stronger student body.

Many of these schools have set up scholarship opportunities for minority groups. There are also several offered by businesses and other private organizations. These groups feel that race should make no difference when it comes to the qualifications of a student, and that every student deserves an education. Here are some of the top scholarship opportunities for males from minority races.

The United Negro College Fund has been handing out its scholarships for more than sixty years. It is the oldest scholarship group anywhere that represents a minority. More than two billion dollars in aid has been handed to grateful students over this period. Receiving a scholarship from this group is fairly straightforward. The student must be enrolled at a college that is a participating member, and then must apply for the scholarship. After that the committee determines an award and the student receives a letter.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund has been offering many different types of scholarships. This organization proudly enters its thirtieth year helping Hispanic students from all walks of life realize their educational dreams. The HSF continues to increase their number of available scholarships. This is an attempt to double the number of Hispanic students enrolled in college by next year.

Though there hasn’t been much attention paid to their education as of late, Native Americans are making up for lost time. More students are leaving reservations and communities to come to the bigger schools. There are actually quite a few places a Native American can apply for scholarships.

The Adolph Von Pelt scholarships are available to any student that is at least one-fourth Native American, and a descendant of a registered tribe. Applicants must submit certification of descent, an academic transcript, and an educational needs budget in order to be considered for this award.

Catching The Dream is an organization that provides scholarships for Native American students. Applicants must be able to prove their lineage, and must also have demonstrated academic achievement up to this point. Applicants should also be active in community affairs. High SAT and ACT scores are recommended as well.

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United negro college fund scholarships

United negro college fund scholarships (UNCF scholarships)

The main objective of the United Negro College Fund is to provide scholarships to students for their college studies. This is a minority based scholarship and it also provides all kinds of additional support to the applicants. The UNCF is the largest non-government provider of financial aid to 39 non-public members. There is assistance that comes in from contributors through UNCF and this makes it possible for members to hold the college fee at about 26% less than the college fees of similar and other academic institutions. The reasons for the above are that there are over 90% of the enrollees at the UNCF colleges who will need some kind of financial assistance. There are about 84% of college students who belong to minimal and low income families and it is the motto of these UNCF scholarships to provide assistance to such students.

The UNCF also provides many scholarships and grant programs that are managed by The United Negro College Fund. You can have access to both UNCF scholarships as well as the scholarships that are also administered by the other organizations. Applicants have the option to apply for these scholarships online for a number of UNCF scholarships that are available. It is suggested that if the applicant is a student of a college or a school he/she can fill in the UNCF general scholarship application form. In this manner he/she can be nominated for the scholarship. The information contained in the form will help the body to match the student to the nature of the program that is required.

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Korean American scholarships

Those Korean students who are good and excellent in studies are eligible for the Korean American Scholarships that are provided by the educational organizations and the non-profit community that are serving the Korean Diaspora in the USA. There are many of these scholarships that are also available from private donors, endowments and corporations. Students from high school as well as undergraduate and graduate students can apply for them. These scholarships are intended for specific fields like engineering and medicine. There are some scholarships that are also available for general fields as well.

Some of the major Korean American Scholarships have been listed below:

  • The Korean American Medical Association Scholarship – This scholarship dates back to the year 1974 and it provides financial assistance for career, educational and networking programs intended for Korean American physicians. As part of its community service efforts the organization also sponsors an yearly scholarship intended for medical students. Students who are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of any accredited medical school located in Korea or the USA are eligible for the application of the scholarship. The Scholarship is a renewable one and it can be done for a yearly amount of $1000. Applications for the scholarship begin from the 1st of January and they are also due at the start of June every year. Applicants can easily download the forms online from the website of KAMA. The winners of the scholarship are required to attend the annual scholarship dinner that is hosted by the organization every year.
  • The Korean American Scholarship Foundation – This Scholarship was created in the year 1969 by the non-profit volunteer operated organization. It was founded to support the academic goals of Korean American students. The $3 million endowment fund generally comes from individual donations and corporate funds. These scholarship awards are managed and also distributed by the regional chapters of the body. These scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate as well as high school students.
  • The Korean American Scientists And Engineers Association – This organization supports students as well as professionals in medical and scientific field. The scholarship is given to students who are outstanding, have leadership potential and actively involved in community service. Every year the body provides 25 awards that include 23 scholarships that have the value of $1000. Applicants have to answer an essay question and two students who provide outstanding essays are eligible to receive an extra award of $500.
  • Global Mission Church Korean-American Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to ethnic groups and minorities that are residing in the USA. The scholarship is available for the Korean American seminary students.
  • The Minnesota Association for Korean Americans – Applicants who live in Minnesota can apply for these scholarships that range from $500 to $2,000. The applicants must have a minimum GPA score of 2.5 and they must belong to high school and be US citizens. These students are eligible for the above scholarships and they can get the must needed financial assistance that they need.

Italian American scholarships

In the USA there are many students who belong to minority classes. Students who are of Italian American descent fall under minority category and they are eligible for financial aid for their academics and studies. This academic aid comes in the form of Scholarships that have to be applied for. There are Italian American Scholarships that are available to Italian American students. These scholarships provide financial assistance to academically strong candidates. They are available for both the school and the college level. The scholarships alleviate most of the financial burdens of the students who are of Italian American descent. The following are the names of some of the major scholarships that are available to applicants:

  • The National Italian American Foundation – This body provides scholarships to undergraduate Italian American students and to college students who are majoring in Italian Studies or any related field. These scholarship awards are in the range of $2,000 to $12,000. The applicants for the scholarship must have a minimum GPA score of 3.5. This program is a highly competitive program and there are a small number of need based awards that are granted. The applications are easy to make as they can be submitted online.
  • Order Sons Of Italy In America – The Order Sons Of Italy provides many scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students who are Italian American. The awards under this scholarship are in the range of $5000-$25,000. There is a condition for previous winners and that is they cannot reapply for the scholarship once it is awarded to them. Applicants can apply for these scholarships for general studies, studying abroad and for specialized programs.
  • The Columbus Citizens Foundation – The Columbus Citizens Foundation offers scholarships for students who are Italian American and whose household income is not more than $25,000. Only high school students can apply for this scholarship who are planning to enroll at any accredited university or college. These students need to be state residents of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, District Of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The scholarship amount varies as per the eligibility of the applicant.
  • The Justinian Foundation Scholarships – The Justinian Foundation provides scholarships with an award of $1,500 to Italian American 3rd year law students residing in the Philadelphia region. In order to be eligible for the scholarship the applicants need to be members of the Justinian Society Law School Chapter in their local area and also demonstrate a financial need for the scholarship.
  • The Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships –  The Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships are provided to students who are Italian American in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona and Illinois. In order to be eligible for the scholarships the students must belong to Italian heritage and be of Catholic faith. The Applicants also need to demonstrate a financial need. The Awards under this category range from $400 to $1,000. The first year winners of this scholarship are also encouraged to reapply for the awards in subsequent years.

Asian American scholarships

Asian American Scholarships

At one point of time in the past it was very difficult for students of Asian American descent to find scholarships. They were not easily accepted in many colleges and those in need of financial assistance could not study further. Times have changed and there are a number of scholarships that are available for Asian American students. Thanks to the efforts of a number of organizations these students are now eligible for applying for scholarships in the nation. These scholarships are provided by both federal and state sources.

They have the sole target of providing students with the much needed financial assistance that they need. The following are some of the prominent Asian American Scholarships that are available to students of Asian American descent. The following are the names of some of the prominent scholarships that are available for students of Asian American descent-

  • The US Pan Asian American Chamber Of Commerce Scholarship – This is one of the major and prominent scholarships that are available in the USA. It helps individuals to get the education that they need with financial aid. Financial aid is also given to them for being representatives of the universities in which they are in. This foundation is also the oldest and the largest non-profit organization that represents Asian American and other related groups in the areas of arts, education, and public and community services.
  • The Asian And Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund or APIASF Scholarship –  This scholarship is financed by some of the major corporations in the USA. The objective of this scholarship is to provide financial aid to Asian American students who are looking for financial aid for college. In the year 2006 the Foundation had provided scholarships to 46 states in the USA. There are about 70% of these scholarships that are awarded to women.
  • The Boston College Asian American Scholarship – This is a college scholarship that was founded in the year 1995. Applicants who apply for the scholarship must be full time juniors of the college with a GPA score of 3.3 or more. The applicants should also have a record for community service.
  • The University Of California Berkeley’s Boalt Hall Scholarship For Asian Americans-This University has some prestigious scholarships that are available for law students. Applicants can get awards as per the eligibility criteria laid down by the college.
  • The Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Scholarship – This scholarship is a subject specific scholarship that provides financial assistance to students of Asian or Pacific backgrounds. The applicant has to be enrolled into a master’s or a doctoral degree program in a library or in information science that has been accredited by the American Library Association.

The above Asian American Scholarships are targeted to provide the much needed educational financial aid for students who are of Asian American origin and reside in the USA. The amount of the Awards granted varies and it largely depends on the eligibility and the academic track records of the student applying for them.

Scholarships for minority graduate students

Minority Nursing Scholarships

The profession of nursing is in trouble. There are over one million open positions to be filled, and nowhere near enough nurses to fill them. Obviously nursing, like every other legal profession, could use the help of some more minority students. Going to school anywhere can seem like an expensive proposition especially if you’re used to struggling to get by.

Minority students who want to study nursing will find many doors opening to them. There is a desperate need in nursing for more educated and qualified nurses in every imaginable area of medicine. Sometimes these scholarships are offered by the schools themselves, in an effort to attract more minorities to their student body. Other times scholarships are offered by private and public organizations. Big business is also another area to look for scholarship help.

The American Indian Nurse Scholarship awards scholarships to Native American students who are studying nursing. These scholarships range from $500 to $2250 dollars and can be reapplied for every year. Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited program and show academic excellence.

The Minority Nurse Scholarship program awards scholarships to minority nurses that are working on a bachelors degree. Four scholarships of $1000 dollars and one scholarship of $500 are awarded each year. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited program. Applications due by June.

Minority nurses of African-American descent can become eligible for several scholarships by becoming members of the National Black Nurses Association. Members can receive up to seven scholarships in amounts between $500 and $2200 dollars per year. More information is available by contacting the association.

Minority nurses of Arab descent can apply for a $10,000 dollar scholarship by becoming members of the National American Arab Nurses Association. The deadline to apply is July first. Applicants must be enrolled in a nursing degree program, and also must be Arab.

The Kaiser Permanente College To Caring Program is for eligible Hispanic nursing students. This award is for up to $8000 dollars a year. The applicant must be enrolled at an accredited institution and have a GPA of at least 3.0. The deadline for this scholarship is on March fifteenth.

Nursing students of Hispanic origin can also become eligible for other scholarships by joining the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. This award can be up to $1000 per year. Applicants must file for this scholarship by April fifteenth. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited program to be considered. More information is available from the Association.

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