Male and female nurses in Ireland

Ireland interesting facts

Ireland is province situated in the east region of Great Britain, which is situated in separate place near the Irish Sea. The particular island is separated between two parts the Republic of Ireland which generally covers the five-sixths of the entire island. And the Northern Ireland is considered as the part of the United Kingdom which mostly covers the remainder and is particularly located in the northeastern part of the island. Ireland has the population of approximate 6.2 million people which is considerably divided into two parts where 4.5 million who lives in the Republic of Ireland region and 1.8 million live in the Northern Ireland region.

Life expectancy in Ireland

The general life expectancy of male are considered as 73 Years Female 78.6 Years. Due the longer life expectancy, total number of active Physicians are  about 11,000. However, Ireland also has shortage of registered nurses. The total number of Registered Nurse is near about 36,000. And only 7% of those RN’s are male registered nurses.

Male nurses in New York City

Male Nurse Statistics In New York City

Number of  male nurses in New York city are significantly lower than the female nurses. Most NYC male nurses into medicine can generate a higher payment than any other metro city in the states. According to the general statistics, There are nearly 9720 male nurses in the state of New York, out of 167,598 total registered nurses.  New York City has approximately 647 of registered male nurses.

Salary for male nurses in New York City

Starting salary for registered male nurses in the state of New York is around $25 per hour as per the rural settings, whereas in metropolitan areas like New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany it is within mid $30 per hour.For example Anesthesiology pays a lot more than just maternity, hence significantly 49% of the registered nurses working in that field are men. Segregation in the wage system among the male and female nurse is also considered as a reason affecting the male nurse statistics in New York.

Why men are entering into nursing?

After 2008, the whole American economy is struggling and unemployment is more than 9%. Under employment is believe to be around 25%. Many jobs are no longer as secure as before. Due to longevity of baby boomers, shortage of registered nurses is increasing rapidly. These factors are affecting and changing both men and women’s mind for finding more secure jobs.  Therefore,  percentage of male nurses in New York state alone are increasing at 3 % to 5%  higher almost every year while female nurses are increasing almost 95% rate every year.

In spit of  men joining nursing field in New York as well as all over the world, total population of male nurses are under 10%. Nursing field can definitely use more men nurses as well as female nurses.

Male nurses in London, UK

Male Nurse Statistics In London

Today a significant number of male nurses are working in various hospitals in London. According to latest research figures it is evaluated that more than one out of ten nurses are male nurses now, as compared to one in a hundred of the earliest days of NHS which was apparently more than 50 years ago.

However it is also expected that the male nurse statistics in London will improve over the next decade, as more number of men are choosing the male nursing profession which is generally or traditionally seen as a preserve right by women.

A proper research done by the Nursing and Midwifery Council has discovered an important fact where it shows among 65,755 registered nurses 10.21% is representing the male nurse out of the entire workforce. Even in among the student nurses, the male nurse student ratio is much greater then female nurse student as it already shows the record that fourteen per cent of students on training courses are men.

To get a better picture of male nurse statistics in London, one can refer to the general statistic shown by the NMC which says most of the male nurses are on their register work of either as general nurses or mental health nurses.

The latest figures show the fact that the average age of nurses is rising day by day. However despite of many supportive reasons, it is also very true that in London, the number of men entering into the nursing profession has hardly grown in recent years. There are only about 93 male nurses currently practicing and only 340 men are as health visiting officers and about 15% nurses are male, which might also rise in coming years.

Male nurses in India

Male Nurse Statistics In India

There are several men aspiring to be become male nurse and also getting admitted to a number of nursing courses in India. However, the present ratio of male nurse working in the Indian hospital is predominantly lower than the female nurses. Number of male nurses in India can be said as relatively weak because of theses reason

# first, there are considerably fewer seats for males in Indian nursing institutes,

# second men are not frequent to apply for these courses and

# third jobs for male nurses are few as compared to female nurses.

Therefore it is noticed that, male nurses employed in Indian hospitals are mostly assigned for administrative post rather than patient-care duties.

In India, there are many issues related to ‘nurse retention’ such as – contractual staff facing job insecurity, low payment criteria in both government and private sectors, lack of a favorable working environment as well as infrastructure facilities. According to reports, there has been few positive progress made by the government of India to resolve the above mentioned issues, which is an advantageous effort to improve the male nurse statistics in India.

However, nursing has been always considered as a respectable profession by nearly all sections of Indian society and therefore the acceptability of the occupation male nurses has improved over the years.

According to the report male nurses are mostly preferred in the tribal areas, particularly in areas with difficult access, as reportedly Maharashtra state in India has reserved 20% of places in its nursing colleges exclusively for male students. Indian army also encourages more and more men to become nurses in the Army.

Nurses in china

Male Nurse China Statistics

In China the male nurse occupation statistics have been always emerged in a very strange way. Although there are several advertisements in china which supports or claims that, the male nurse occupation is always in demand.  According to the records there are many well-trained male nurses searching out for male nursing job, whereas there are also information that the existing male nurse of China are trying to change their present job of male nursing. Country’s few fast-developing big provinces, like Shanghai and Guangzhou along with under developed states has reportedly shown the scarcity of male nurses, hence it is presumed somehow that statistics for male nurses in China  is relatively low.

According to the general view point of people of China it is mostly believed that nursing is a women’s job. This belief has affected male nurse China statistics in a negative way, as since generation it is considered that women are more careful and tolerant than men, and as nurses they very well take care of patients, providing every necessary thing to a patient.

However there are also some contrary points which support the need male nurses as they are better for emergency departments or more factors as compared to the female nurses. Reportedly, many hospitals still claim the scarcity of males in various nursing specialties which supports the recruitment difficulty.

How many Registered Nurses in China?

There are approx 1.3 million registered nurses in China, yet the figure for male nurses is not specified. However, in the year of 2003 Shanghai had 40 males nurse out of 37,000 registered nurses, hence it can be estimated that there has been a relative growth in the recent years.

View Global nursing shortage here.

Male Nursing Statistics

The male nurse is a minority in today’s health care setting; but, the opportunities for male nurses are unlimited and lucrative. so how many male nurses are there????

Out of 2,909,357 registered nurse, men nurses occupied only 5.8% of the total nursing population. So total male nurses are approximately 168743 across USA. Male nurses are increasing roughly 2 to 3% every year. By 2020 male nurse population will increase and reach about 25%.  Nursing career options for both  female and male nurses available from long-term care, Acute care, psych, and non-patient care positions.  Starting salary for male nurses differ greatly from region to region but an RN should expect a beginning wage of no less then $25 per hour in rural settings to the mid $30’s per hour in metropolitan areas.

Both male and female nurses in California can bring home a six figure income plus lucrative benefits such as sign-on bonus, shift bonus, etc.  States like New York and Florida are just as lucrative as California.   Male nurses salary options should include base rate of pay and shift differential.  Important aspects of determining true salary include benefits, overtime laws, and bonuses.  Base salaries are typically the rate at which a nurse is hired at and is usually based on work experience and years of experience.  Shift differentials are typically paid to nurses who work the PM shift or Night (NOC) shift and is comprised of a percentage of base pay.  An important aspect of shift differential is that it is not part of calculating overtime pay.  Overtime pay is based entirely on base rate of pay.  This is important if a positions offers nurses a lower base rate of pay and a higher shift differential in facilities where overtime is expected.  12 hour shifts do not always include overtime pay for the last four hours of work.  The rules that stipulate standard work hours and overtime payment vary greatly from state to state and from community to community.  Rural hospitals are sometimes exempt from state wage laws if the facility falls under a federal rural hospital status.

Determining the value of benefits such as health insurance, etc. should be based on what the benefits offered are worth to each individual nurse.  Sometimes taking a non-benefited position is more lucrative then a position with a higher base rate of pay and  benefits.

Understand the bonus structure by knowing how it works, how much bonuses should be, when they apply and when they do not apply.  Bonuses can sometimes make up as much as 25% of annual income, especially in facilities where working double shifts is fairly common.

Understanding how the pay scale works is important when choosing a position within the nursing industry.

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