CNA License Renewal

How to Renew a CNA License

If you’ve taken a Certified Nursing Assistant course and become licensed, you’ll be renewing CNA license periodically. Finding a phone number, if not a web address, for the Nurse Aid Registry in your state will be immensely helpful. These individual registries are typically within the state Health and Welfare departments and have all of the information specific to each state that will assist you in keeping your CNA license up to date.

How Long is CNA License Valid?

In the U.S., CNA licenses expire every two years, with the expiration date printed directly on the certificate. If you renew your license on or before your expiration date, the renewal process is fairly simple. If you allow your license to expire, though, renewing a CNA license becomes a little more involved. Texas is one state that does not print an expiration date on the licenses, leaving it up to the CNA’s to make sure their licenses remain active. The requirement in Texas is for the license holder to call the Texas Nurse Aid Registry every two years so that personal and employment information can be verified. Many other states, though, will send out a renewal notice when it is time for renewal. In some cases the notice may be a simple reminder post-card while other times the renewal forms will be sent, making it convenient for you to complete and return them to keep your license active. The forms for renewing a CNA license can be easily obtained, however, either online from your state’s Nurse Aid Registry website or even by visiting their office.

How to Fill Out The Renewal Form?

The renewal CNA license form is only one page and simple to fill out. The top section is for your personal information such as name, address, social security number, date of birth, phone number, and your current certification expiration date. The lower section will tell the Registry where you are currently employed and how long you’ve been working there. The bottom of the form also has a section for your employer to verify the information you filled in regarding your employment. It is not necessary for you to be employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the time of your renewal, but you must have worked at least 8 hours—for pay—sometime during the 24 months of your current certification period. Because of this allowance, it is possible that you may need to visit a former employer to get the employment certification portion of the renewal CNA license form completed. It’s worth noting that some states allow you to renew CNA license online. Not all states have this capability yet and while some are working to implement an online renewal process, it is recommended that you contact your state’s Nurse Aid Registry to find out if this option is in effect in your state.

What to Do if CNA License Expires?

If you allow your license to expire before renewing it, you will be required to re-take the CNA exam. Some states require that you re-take the course in addition to the exam. Some states will allow you to challenge the exam but may still require a skills demonstration or what is considered a “hands-on” exam, similar to an oral exam where you demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Again, each state has different regulations and requirements, so it is always a good idea to check with the Nurse Aid Registry to assure that you are aware of the conditions of renewal in your state. Regardless of whether you are employed at the time of your license expiration, you should keep your certification up to date if you think you might want to seek employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant at any time in the future, no matter how far off that may be. Even if you plan on moving to another state, the steps to transfer your license are simplified if the license is current.

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