Weird scholarships for girls

Top 9 Unusual And Weird Scholarships For Girls

Higher education has come a long way in the last one hundred years, especially considering higher education for girls and women in general. Long ago women could not and were not allowed to go to college, and when they were finally allowed, only the very wealthy could go. Even then fathers were more willing to pay their sons’ ways into universities and not their daughters, so rigid was the idea that women should stay home and do womanly duties. Nowadays in the modern age, the only barrier a woman really faces in attending college is the money to pay for it and possibly a denial letter. Even so, a host of bizarre and weird scholarships for girls and scholarships for older women have criteria that seem a little off the modernity path. More random scholarships for girls have a better chance of being awarded because of the “universal” criteria developed for all applicants of the same scholarship. The following is a list of the twenty weirdest scholarships for girls.

1. Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship

Yep, that’s right, a scholarship for using duct tape! Up to $5,000 could be yours for college if you use duct tape to design and create a prom outfit and actually attend prom wearing it. You must have your photo taken at prom wearing your creation and you can download and application at Deadlines are usually in June, post-prom, so everyone has a fair crack at it. Girls with a fashion flair and a knack for design have the advantage when it comes to this wacky scholarship for girls.

2. For Tall Girls Only

Girls over 5’10” and who are near an active Tall Club, established for tall people, offer weird scholarships for girls that require them to be under 21 this specific height. They will be taking applications again after July 15th, 2012 for the next school year. To check out the specifics:  Surprisingly there is also scholarships for short girls available.

3. For The Older & Broke Ladies

Scholarships for older women are few and far between, but as the economy continues to lag the need grows greater as older women just start college for the first time to help their families. The Jeanette Rankin Foundation awards these older applicants, and by older I mean you must be at least 35, with the funds to do just that.  Go to  for applications; however the March 1st deadline has now past and new applications will begin in November.

4. This one is also for the older ladies, although no age is specified, just that you’re a non-traditional student whose education plans didn’t go the way you expected them to. To apply for the Emerge Scholarship Program, and get your piece of the pie worth $5,000, visit There are quite a few scholarships for single moms available.

5. WAM, BAM, Thank you, MAM

Technology isn’t a man’s world anymore, and to prove that Microsoft offers weird scholarships for girls entitled, WAM(Women At Microsoft) the chance to intern or score a paid scholarship so long as they are studying in the field and have a 3.0 GPA and live in, get this, the U.S., or Canada, or Mexico. BAM is Blacks At Microsoft that offers similar assistance and the MAM, Men At Microsoft came up with this amazing plans to support diversity. Visit for more on the application process.

6.Similarly not to be outdone, IBM in partnership with APS(American Physical Society) offers a ten week paid internship and a $2,500 scholarship for grabs. The young lady to win must be pursuing a degree in engineering or science research, and grab her application here:

7. …And The Prize Goes To….

Talk about random scholarships for girls! Glamour Magazine every year awards several thousands of dollars in its “Top Ten College Women of the Year”. Although not really a scholarship, college girls everywhere have to be attending college to enter and have made a significant impact on their community, college and surroundings to even apply. Go to check out this year’s details. $20,000 is the first place prize and that’s a big chunk of your education right there.

8. Want even bigger bucks?

L.e.i. brand jeans does an annual model search with the top prized of $100,000 scholarship, but you have to fit the jeans and the brand’s ideas to win. In the long run, it would pay for you to go to Harvard after you quit being a model….

9. Taking A More Devout Path

All religions want girls to behave properly, so it comes as no surprise when churches offer up money to send girls to college with the requirements that they be of the faith or church giving them the bucks. But churches, the bigger they are, the more likely they’ll cough up big scholarships. Greed gets a fine line here.

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