Medical Assistant Scholarships

Is there really a ‘Top Grants And Scholarships for Medical Assistants’ list?

These days, there seems to be a ‘top 5’ list for just about everything. Sadly, when it comes to medical assisting scholarships, it isn’t so simple. Acquiring grants and scholarships isn’t like checking off a shopping list, as it tends to take much, much more work than the student usually intends. In fact, higher education advisors often tell aspiring students to look at grants and scholarships a lot like a job –the more time you put in, the more rewards you will reap. That said, there are still opportunities for medical assistant scholarships that are out in the open, ready for the taking.

The American Medical Technologists scholarship program can offer $500 per student; however, only 5 students per year will be awarded the funding. Also, the applicants must register by April 1st in order to qualify. The purpose of the AMT scholarship program is to help students that are in financial need in order to complete the necessary course requirements. Though $500 isn’t going to pay for much, it’s still worth a shot. Scholarships can really add up and make paying those student loans just that much easier.

The Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund can offer upwards of $1,000 per applicant. This program does have a bit more stringent requirements, as the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA after completing at least a semester. This particular program is administered by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

In addition to these scholarships, it’s always important to have Pell grants taken care of. Pell grants will only have financial need requirements to meet, as these grants are moneys that come from state and federal government, meaning that it will be easier to acquire than scholarships for medical assistant programs.

Make sure you have a combination of both when trying to lessen the sting of college loans.

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