Top scholarships for single parents

Some of the Best single parent scholarships

Being a good parent is a full time job. Being a single parent is two jobs rolled into job description. Any single parent will tell you that the day begins around six am and usually ends well past midnight. Going back to school can be very challenging for this parent. However, the parent might want to be able to apply for a better paying job, or a job with better hours. Any parent who wants to improve their circumstances for the benefit of their families should be commended and amply rewarded. Here are some scholarship opportunities for the single parent.

It should be noted that these are not all of the scholarships and grants available. Any parent interested in continuing their education should be sure to research any and all possible grant and scholarships. Probably the best place to do this is at the financial aid office of the school you would like to attend. Not only will they have extensive scholarship information available, more often than not they also help with the forms.

  • The Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds is for students that wish to pursue their studies past the undergraduate level. This scholarship is available to many different groups, including ethnic and economic minorities. This includes single parents. Applicants must be enrolled in a certified degree program, or with an accredited institution. Applicants must provide documentation of their educational career, as well as about their disadvantaged background. Applicants should be in health related fields.
  • The National Health Services Corps Program provides scholarships and other educational opportunities to students who are pursuing a degree in nursing, with an emphasis on nursing assistants and nurse midwives. Any student interested in pursuing a nursing degree is invited to apply. The goal of this organization is to address the severe shortage of educated nurses by sending more nurses to school.
  • The ASIST Scholarship program was developed with the older adult in mind, and can benefit the single parent returning to school. Applicants should be adults facing severe economic, physical, or social challenges. A single parent can ideally be all three of those things. Information is available from the ASIST chapter located nearest you.

Another way a single parent can easily get a scholarship to study nursing is by picking their specialty early. A nursing student who has completed the requirements necessary to become a registered nurse may choose to specialize in a particular field of nursing. And there are many organizations that are willing to send nursing students to school as long as they are studying for that particular field. This is a good practice, nearly every area of nursing is facing a shortage of qualified and educated personnel.

There are scholarships available to nurses who wish to study pediatrics. There are also scholarships for a lot of other fields including Oncology, Occupational Nursing, and Geriatrics. Long term care nursing scholarships are also available through many organizations. It all depends on what field of medicine the nursing student wishes to work in.

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