Best nursing scholarships in the united states

Best nursing scholarships in the united states

One of the best places to find nursing scholarships is the place where you might be asked to use your skills after graduation. The hospital. There are literally hundreds of hospitals across the United States that offer scholarships to students who are looking to get into nursing. These hospitals, and many others like them are facing severe shortages in qualified and educated nursing staff.

So they offer these scholarships to students who want to go into nursing, most often in exchange for a minor work commitment after graduation. Different hospitals offer different programs, it is probably best to check and see what the local hospital has to say on the subject. Here are some of the scholarships available at some area hospitals. It is easiest to find this type of scholarship by region.

Oregon Health & Science University in Portland offers scholarships for nursing students in exchange for a minor work commitment after graduation. Other programs include student loan forgiveness, and scholarships for continuing education. OHS also offers several training and certification programs for students who are looking to achieve advanced degrees in nursing. Most of these programs are offered in exchange for a minor work commitment.

Boston Medical Center is a well known medical facility in the state of Massachusetts. Boston Medical Center offers several incentive program for nurses to continue on in their education. This hospital also offers full tuition reimbursement, and in some cases loan forgiveness. Graduates are asked for a small work commitment.

The Rush Copley Medical Center in Chicago offers several programs in partnership with other Illinois colleges. Students can get degrees in nursing at Aurora College, Lewis College and Northern Illinois College. Rush Copley also offers mentoring services for new students and new nurses.

Baptist Hospital East in Kentucky offers a few different scholarships and programs to prospective nursing students. They sponsor the Knowledge Program, which offers scholarships of $2500 a year in exchange for six months work commitment at the hospital. Students generally work six months for each year of aid received. This hospital also offers the Accelerated Students Program, which gives $15000 to nursing students who have demonstrated academic excellence, and an interest in furthering their education. Graduates agree to a three year work commitment with the hospital.

The Childrens Hospital of Atlanta offers two full scholarships per year to nursing students. One of these awards is awarded to a bilingual student, the other is a general award. These scholarships offer around $16000 per year towards tuition and educational expenses. Graduates are asked for a small work commitment.

Glendale Memorial Hospital has partnered with Mount Saint Mary’s College to offer programs with tuition reimbursement and student loan forgiveness. These programs are offered in exchange for a small work commitment by the graduate. Glendale Memorial also has several fine mentoring programs for nursing students and recent graduates.

Washoe Health System of Reno, Nevada offers tuition reimbursement and loan forgiveness programs through several Nevada colleges. A few of these are the University of Nevada, Western Nevada Community College, and Truckee Meadows Community College. Graduates are asked for a small work commitment in the Nevada Healthcare system.

The Mount Sinai Student Scholarship Work Repayment program offers $3000 per year to students studying in the field of nursing. Graduates are asked to honor a small work commitment. Mt. Sinai provides these scholarships to nursing students at all degree levels. Mt. Sinai is a respected medical institution in both medicine and medical research.

The Jackson Hospital Foundation will offer ten scholarships to students who are going to college to study nursing. Jackson Hospital will offer eight need based scholarship and two that are merit based. More information can be found on the Jackson Hospital website. Last year nine students received this award, and are hard at work pursuing their educational goals.

Bonner General Hospital in Idaho is committed to providing the best care possible for its patients. In an attempt to help bring more educated and qualified nurses into the field, BGH has several scholarship programs available. They have awarded many scholarships already. More information and an application is available at the Bonner General Hospital website.

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