Scholarships For Ultrasound Technician

Top 10 Scholarships and Grants for Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technicians are in demand, but not everyone can afford to attend the necessary schooling.

The United States Federal Government rewards aspiring students who are determined to obtain an ultrasound tech degree. For those so dedicated but financially limited, there are several scholarships and grants for students that not only assist in payment for schooling, but may also help with living expenses while in school.

Any entity offering a scholarship or grant wants to be assured the student is a serious seeker of the ultrasound tech degree. While conducting research on scholarships is obvious due diligence, also keep your SAT score handy, as well as a written essay expressing your career decision. Many schools will demand credentials (and some references) up front.

It is advisable to complete an Application for Federal Student Aid when applying to universities. This will aid the chance of receiving not only a scholarship, but also federal student loans at low-interest rates.

Below are the top ten scholarship recommendations for aspiring ultrasound technicians. Each scholarship application can be found on the schools’ respective websites. You must follow all the rules and regulations of the respective scholarship sponsor.

Department of MI Nursing and Allied Health Program Scholarships: Students must prove financial need and have graduated high school within two years. Scholarship amounts vary. Interviews are required.

Sanford Brown Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography: Sanfor Brow offers the “Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP)” Scholarships to students of the New York-area KIPP school. Individual amounts vary, but Sanford-Brown is committed to awarding $100,000 in scholarship monies to KIPP students yearly. Email is

Anne Jones: The Anne Jones Scholarship Fund of the Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) provides a yearly educational scholarship of up to $2,500 for a student in an accredited vascular ultrasound school. Financial need must be verified.

Sladek Critical Medical Career: Sladek requires a demonstrated interest in the field of sonography as well as verifiable need for financial aid. Amounts vary.

American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography: SDMS requires a College Acceptance Letter and Employment Affirmation. Scholarship amounts vary.

SVU – Society of Vascular Ultrasound: SVU awards six scholarships yearly of varying amounts.

Loma Linda University: This Christian integrated university awards scholarships based on proof of financial need, no previous defaulted student loans, and the Christian student maintaining half-time attendance. Amount is based on computer calculations. Call university for more details at (909)558-1000.

Trudy Dubinsky Memorial: The New York University Medical Center established this scholarship in 1993, in a tribute to the life of Trudy’s Dubinsky. Because of Trudy’s flawless work in the field of sonography, each year the university bestows a $1,000 scholarship based on demonstration of dedication to succeed.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Presidential: Applicant must be a member of SMDS and demonstrate why they deserve the scholarship by submitting an essay. Scholarship amount $2,500.

Barry University: Applicant may receive scholarship for Ultrasound Tech based on college transcripts. You can ask them any questions regarding scholarships, tuition assistance and job placement.

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