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Top Ten Nursing School Scholarships For Highschoolers – Helping You Succeed In Today’s World

Many young people today aspire to be great things. Perhaps a student is interested in pursuing an education in the medical field, such as practical nursing and needs information on nursing scholarships. This career field is always in demand, since medical technology is regularly being improved and enhanced. There is rarely, if ever, a shortage of job opportunities for nursing school and other medical field graduates. Many young people find themselves drawn to this profession because of the sense of helping others while receiving equally rewarding pay.

In a declining economy that plagues society, even high school students realize the importance of having substantial employment. They are bombarded with messages from the media that having a high school education is no longer sufficient. Television commercials make it clear that while staying in school and getting a high school diploma is admirable, employers often require more advanced education in potential candidates. The commercials stress that the medical field is ever expanding and its projected growth. Information on nursing scholarships can be discussed and explored with a guidance counselor.

Success in the workplace is contingent on furthering one’s education and obtaining a degree or certificate from another institution. Motivated students should begin discussing their options with guidance counselors. This discussion should take place long before the end of the student’s senior year. Since most students enjoy browsing the Internet, there is good news. Financial aid and nursing school scholarship information is easily accessible with just the click of a mouse. Most applications can now be quickly and easily submitted through this mode.

Now that you know that there are options that will assist you with paying for higher education, let’s explore some of the best nursing scholarships to consider:

1)The Disadvantaged Students’ Nursing Scholarship:
It is no secret that formal education is, always has been, and always will be extremely costly. Factor in the cost of books, supplies, fees and other expenses and it seems like the cost will insure you’re forever stuck with a debt. It doesn’t have to be that way, particularly for nursing students who meet certain income requirements according to Census Bureau statistics.

Thus, this scholarship is vital in insuring that no one, even low-income students, are not left out. For application information, interested students can call 1-800-221-9393 or visit the HSRA’s website. A visit to this site will also provide information on the numerous schools where the scholarship is typically applied.

2)Minority Nursing Scholarships:
This is an option to consider if belong to a minority class and are passionate about caring for the physical healing of others. You can research a variety of subdivisions highlighting specific minority groups, such as Ethic Minority Scholarships, Philippine Nurses of America, National Association of Hispanic Nurses and others.

3)The Children’s CHANCES Nursing Scholarship
This specialized funding is awarded to nursing students with a goal of becoming a pediatric nurse. The primary requirements are that the student must have been accepted into a nursing program, provide two letters of recommendation, and must be interviewed by staff at the desired institution. The deadline to apply is March 1st of every year. This scholarship offers up to $16,000 every academic year for up to two years.

4)Federal Nursing Scholarships
Students can apply for various government scholarships upon enrollment into the nursing program of their choice and receive up to $1,500 a month as a stipend to offset academic fees. These scholarships offer full tuition coverage. Applications can be completed, submitted and downloaded online.

5)Minority Nurse Magazine Nursing Scholarship
This scholarship awards the motivated minority recipient between $500 to $1000 in scholarship funds. To apply, visit the agency’s website, complete and submit the application prior to June of every calendar year.

6)The National Black Nurses Association Nursing Scholarship
This special program awards both African American men and women nursing students up to $2,000. Young men who are passionate about pursuing a nursing degree should not hesitate – the field welcomes professionals of either sex! Apply through the NBNA website.

7)The Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship
Students can expect to receive virtually all of the academic costs covered upon receiving this scholarship, including academic fees, books, supplies, and tuition. Information on applying is as simple as calling the toll-free Army ROTC Gold Quest Center (1-800-USA ROTC) or writing the center directly.

8)Campus RN Nursing Scholarship
This program serves entry level nursing students, including high school graduates, and provides up to $15,000 in award money for school. Apply online before April 1st.

9)The Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship
This program awards a scholarship to a lucky applicant of any race, gender, or nationality with up $500 in funds. This agency upholds its non-discrimination policy and encourages all students to apply online for a chance to win.

10)The Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship
Even if you struggle with a learning disability, your dream of becoming a nurse can still become a reality. This scholarship awards a high school senior with a learning disability $10,000 to encourage pursuit of an undergraduate nursing degree. For further inquiries and application information, candidates or their guidance counselors should email the agency directly.

Since early history, nurses and the services they provide have been valuable. Their dedication to the field cannot be underestimated. Nursing scholarships are definitely worth the research and effort to help you break into this priceless profession.

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