How Long Does Phlebotomy Certification Last

Does a phlebotomy certification expire? Yes. Depending on what organization certified the phlebotomist, certification generally must be renewed yearly. Every state has different requirements for their phlebotomists, in the amounts of time that they can work before they obtain certification. There are a few different organizations that certify phlebotomists, the bottom line is that most phlebotomists must recertify at least every two years.

There is often the requirement that the phlebotomists take continuing education courses in the interim between getting their original certification and reapplying for recertification. The rationale for this is as follows; there are people who are certified phlebotomists, yet have never worked in the field. These people while qualified to do the job, need to practice their skills so they do not lose their abilities in doing the procedures

Taking blood from patients is a skill, the more practice you have doing it the more proficient you become in it. Venipuncture and dermal punctures are by nature invasive procedures, proper sanitary protocols must be followed to avoid the spreading of disease. Blood borne pathogens are a leading cause of such diseases as HIV, Aids, and Hepatitis. It is imperative that all medical professionals who come in contact with blood use the proper procedures and equipment to protect themselves and their patients from unnecessary exposure to danger.

The phlebotomist’s certification is not something to get, then forget about. It is, in effect permission granted by the organization that administered the certification exam that the phlebotomist took and passed, that they can do phlebotomy for two years, then must be recertified.

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