How Male Nurses Should Draw Blood From Patients

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A simple video showing how to draw blood from patient, done by male nurse.

The video below shows how nurses should draw blood from patients.


When it is about drawing the blood, there are actually few considerably simple steps which we can perform without the any particular medical assistance. However, those instructions has to be followed very cautiously as the condition of the patient may not be determined initially. Most of the time, we see a health care social worker drawing the blood instead of the doctor. That is why, a phlebotomy draw blood to look after the patient. So, it is assured that the doctor is not the only person on this earth who can draw the blood from the patient’s body. Rather by keeping the below mentioned instructions in mind, even we could do provide relief to a patient.

In this case, the priority is about knowing the usage of a vacutainer and needle along with syringe. If we are ready with that, then we need to get the proper name and date of birth of the patient. After that, we need to spot all tubes as per his/her identification and need to wear the rubber gloves to defend ourselves from any kind of bodily fluids.
In the second step, we need to arrange the tubes as per the blood drawn. At the same time, we must have tourniquet and alcohol swabs handy.

After this, we can draw the blood from the mainly common point which is known as the median cubital vein which actually runs on the internal part of our forearm. We have to look for this vein as it is very close on the surface of the skin and there are no other nerves around it.

The fourth step is about preparing the selected spot by placing a tourniquet on the upper part of the arm. It has to be firm enough so that we could make the vein prominent. Now, we need to gently touch the vein and need to draw the blood.

Now to draw the blood, we need to insert the needle into the same vein in a very gentle way but it has to be quick. The best part about this procedure is that the patient would not feel such pain.

Then, we need to push the vacutainer into the holder and we need to keep the needle stable as well. Now, we could see that the vacutainer is filling up without our intervention. In this way, now we can take out the quantity of blood for testing and keep it as a specimen for specific test. However, if anyone of us is using an old shaped syringe and needle, then we need pull back the syringe in order to start filling the tube with drawn blood.

Once we are done with that, then we need to take out the needle gently, just like the way we have inserted it. Then, right away we must dispose the needle and we need to apply gauze on the same spot on the patient’s forearm by holding it for some time.

At last, we can arrange the specimen of the drawn blood by gently swishing it and we need to make sure that we label it correctly if there are more than two specimens.

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