Ultrasound Technician Salary in New York

The salary for an ultrasound technician, who is employed in New York city to Albany and Buffalo to Syracuse, can expect to make a salary that is below the national median income for this position. A new graduate with at a minimum of a certificate from an accredited institution of higher learning can expect to make approximately $64,000 per annum. This base salary does not include any benefits, bonuses. or overtime, nighttime differential, and shift work pay.

The income any medical technician, where the job involves licensure, as does ultrasound technician does, is also contingent on other factors. The economic health of the geographical location where they practice will affect the financial remuneration they can expect. The healthy the economy, the more money they will have to make to cover their expenses. Conversely, the lower the cost of living in the area where they work, the less money the same position will pay.

The lower salary that an ultrasound technician might receive in New York is not an indication of the value that they provide to the health of the patients they will see in the course of the time they will be employed there. Ultrasound technology is one of the best non-invasive diagnostic tools that medical science has.

The choice of where to work, also will impact the amount of salary they will get. Generally speaking, working in a hospital, while giving the technician a secure job, will not lead to getting them rich. New graduates often choose to work in a hospital for the benefits, and experience, but the big money is to work for a private diagnostic laboratory, where their income can rise to over $80,000 after a few years.

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