How much do nurses make

How much do nurses get paid?

Health care is the need of any country. A large number of people require proper health care facilities and to provide these there is a need for many nurses. Considering the demand for health care services, more and more people are now thriving hard to become a nurse. However, do these people really know what is the profession required to become a nurse? What is the average amount of salary that a nurse draws? To get a better idea about this, we are going to look at the various titles of nurses and the average salary of a nurse.

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
: Also referred to as CRNA, it is the highest paying job in the entire nursing profession. A CRNA is an advanced nurse specializing in Anesthesia. However, it is a bit difficult to achieve as a person who wishes to needs to have a BSN or other proper degree and must pass a national certification exam.


  • Certified registered nurse anesthetist salary: The average salary that a CRNA can earn is $100,000 or even more based on the experience. For experienced CRNA’s the average annual salary can also reach $1, 90,000, plus bonuses.

2. Bachelors of Science in Nursing or BSN:
This title, known as Bachelors of Science in Nursing is nothing but a four-year RN degree. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services’, the average salary that a BSN earns ranges from $36000-$45000.

3. Licensed Practical Nurse: This type of nursing program doesn’t require a student to have a degree but just pass a one year nursing program. The average salary that a licensed practical nurse draws is $47,000 annually.

4. Registered Nurses: Also known as RN, it is one of the best titles in the nursing profession. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Registered nurse can earn an average salary of $63,750. To become a registered nurse, students will have to complete a registered nurse training program. The hourly salary of Registered nurses can vary depending on the industries in which they work in. The following is a list that represents the industries which provides the Registered Nurses with highest average salary.

  • The Civic and Social Organizations: These pay $77,830 (annual salary); $37.42 (hourly wage)
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing: These involve an annual salary of $77,870 with an average hourly of $37.44
  • Federal Executive Branch: The Registered Nurse gets $77,830 annual salary in this industry with a minimum hourly wage of $37.42.
  • Business, Political, Labor, Professional and other similar organizations: In these organizations, the annual salary that a Registered Nurse can get is $74,630 with an hourly wage of $35.88.
  • Newspaper, Book, Periodical and Directory Publishers: In this industry, a RN gets paid an annual salary of $74,990 with an average hourly wage of $36.05.

5. Certified nursing assistant: Commonly known as a CNA, a person requires undergoing a special certified CNA training program. The average salary that a CNA can draw is equal to $96,000 annually.

6. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse: To become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse or an APRN, a person first needs to be a graduate and must be a registered nurse or an RN. The average salary of an APRN ranges from $60,000-$99,000.A APRN also gets bonuses and profit sharing.

7. Nurse Assistant: A person who wishes to become a nurse assistant will have to undergo a nursing aide certificate program. The person will also have to undergo a drug screening and background check before getting into the program of Nurse Assistant or a nurse aide as commonly known. A person looking to become NA needs to have good communication skills, strong knowledge about mathematics, and physical sciences.

  • How much do nurse assistants make?                                                                                                                                                   The average salary that a Nurse Assistant or a Nurse Aide can get ranges from $25,500-$30,000 on an annual basis.

This was some basic information about the various titles of nurses and the salaries that each nurse gets after achieving the particular title. It is important to note that the salary of a nurse can vary as per the industry, location, and experience in which he/she is working. The more experienced the nurse is the more the salary. However, becoming a nurse is not as easy as it may seem. This is mainly because; a person should be able to deal with the challenges that are involved in the health care industry if he/she really wants to become a good nurse. Therefore, if you are up and ready to face the challenges involved in the healthcare industry the no one can stop you from becoming a good nurse and get the monetary rewards, which are usually involved in the health care industry.

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