The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) scholarship

There are scholarships for Hispanic students in many fields of study. One popular field of study is the nursing field. The National Association of Hispanic Nurses, also known as NAHN, is an organization that helps Hispanic people get established in the nursing field. NAHN was established in 1975. It currently has a publication called the Hispanic Health Care International (HHIC) in 2002 and has four publications a year. The organization seeks to have a forum for nurses to be able to discuss issue of health within the Hispanic community. They seek to find barriers that can be removed in order to provide the best health care for people. They seek to better the health care services to Hispanic communities. They are also involved in bettering the education that Hispanics receive throughout the nursing field.

A way the NAHN seeks to help those of Hispanic descent achieve and excel in the nursing field is by offering scholarships to students. Students who are interested in taking advantage of money made available to them from the organization. There are several scholarships that are available for students to apply for. The website to visit in order to download the application is easy to navigate and explore. In addition the NAHN has several links potential applicants can explore in order to apply for other scholarships from other organizations as well. There are nursing scholarships for minorities available for students who wish to apply and pursue the nursing field.

In order to apply the candidate must download and fill out the application form from the website. They must also have a letter of recommendation from a faculty member showing the applicant’s potential contribution to nursing placed in a sealed envelope. There must be 300 word maximum essay that shows qualifications of leadership for nursing in the Hispanic community. A resume and an official transcript must be submitted as well. The resume should also include all honors and awards received while in school. The student needs to have a 3.0 GPA and be a member of the NAHN for no less than six months. There should also be a letter that outlines the uses for the money and how it will be used.

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