national black nurses male association scholarship

National black nurses association scholarship

You will find a great deal of discrimination against male nurses in the field of nursing. Most male nurses have to go through this prejudice and your difficulties increase by bound if belongs to a minor community. This discrimination is made both financially and socially. On the other hand, there was a point in history when male nurses were actually the standard. You will find that the male nurses usually work on battlefields to help with nursing wounded soldiers. Nurses are expected to be caring and patient, qualities that are usually associated with women while men are thought to be tough minded, quick thinking, decisive, and firm. Therefore men are even today rarely seen in this field. Although it can be said that at present both the nursing typecasts and the general typecast about men have disappeared over the last few years, they persist to be strong in the minds of many people thereby creating division. Because of the shortage of nurses many governments and nursing schools have started enthusiastically recruiting more and more men as nurses.

When it comes to the education required for qualifying in this field you will have to lay yourself open to the full costs of it along with the fees. You can get aid from the various nursing scholarships and grants that are offered with the sole purpose of giving the needy student financial assistance. National Black Nurses Male Association is an institute that provides scholarships for black male nurses. This institute has been increasing the work worse of the male nurses by offering health care services for the African American community.

National Black Nurses Male Association offers scholarships for male black nurses who are enlisted in a BSN, ADN, diploma or LPN/LVN nursing program. The scholarships offered are of 500 to 2000 dollars. This association was formed in the early 70s and worked under the leadership of Dr. Lauranne Sams. The chief aim of the organization has been to provide a stage for collective action by African American nurses. It has represented more than 150,000 registered nurses, vocational nurses as well as retired nurses from the USA and Eastern Caribbean along with Africa. It engages in the discovery and definition of cultural health care needs and aims to provide the same to the community along with other minorities. It has been supporting the educational and financial needs of the ethnic nurses by giving voice to around 350,000 minority nurses.

For being applicable for this program you have to be a black male aspiring to be a nurse and a member of the NBNA at either state or national level. You must abide by the application rules and procedures to qualify. For more information about institute you can call up the local number. In this approach you can acquire the information that you require from a single source. You can benefit from the numerous grants and scholarships offered by this association like NBNA Board of Directors Scholarship, the Dr. Hilda Richards Scholarship, the Cynthia J. Hickman “Pay It Forward” Nursing Scholarship and the Martha A. Dawson Genesis Scholarship.

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