The Significance of Army Nursing In Present Days

We can say that the beginning and the significance was measured during the time of the Crimean War in the nineteenth century. That time, there were medical services which actually was part of the war, however those people were not in the front. Now, they were actively participated in the war by the sense of providing medical assistance to the wounded soldiers. Since that time, nursing was considered as a serious and respected profession. It was the lady called Florence Nightingale who in fact chose the nursing as a career. Then, again during the American Civil War, the requirement was over five thousands nurses which was combined with other physicians to support in the critical situation.

Since that time, there has been a bond between the nursing staffs and the wounded soldiers. With the passing time, this bond became strong and today the situation is such that, even males are actively participating and successfully coming up as nurses for Army. By realizing the same fact, the US army started with their Nursing Corporation in the year of 1901. After this declaration, nursing professional achieved an official recognition within the defense and military services. Then, many rules and regulations were introduced and as per the same it was declared that males who wish to join Nursing Corps will be serving in numerous departments with various ways of services. Due to such norm, today we would see the provision of active duty for full time or as a reserve nurse. However, there are male nurses who work for civilian contractors as well.

Regarding the service tenure of these medical services, it is resolute by the type of service they have been appointed or chosen for. So, as per the same term, it is clear that a male reserve nurse will have shorter service tenure whereas the other male nurses who are appointed to join on active duty will have longer time in the Army service tenure. However, apart from these two army nursing services, there are males nurses who actually choose for civilian contract of medical services as the service tenure is shorter than other two service terms. Moreover, a male nurse could be told to serve anywhere across the country or the world. The nurse has to follow the troops wherever it goes. So, they could be sent in the battlefield or they could be sent to some other isolated place.

To promote the male nursing service, there is lots of financial assistance provided for the interested candidates. Moreover, there are various loans, scholarship programs along with the procedure of work and study programs. That is why; today there are lots of private and non-profit groups as well as there are many government officials and employers who are ensuring about large number of males who are graduating as secondary students. So, that these students could get the proper exposures for appropriate nursing services and choose it as their ultimate career move.

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