Different types of registered nurses

Types Of Registered Nurses

The job of a registered nurse is a very demanding one. A registered nurse has a lot of responsibilities, no matter what part of health care they are employed in. To become a registered nurse, a person needs to have a bachelors or associates degree in the field of nursing. Some nursing programs, while not offering degrees award certifications that are the equivalent of a degree.

There are at least sixty listed possible nursing careers. From an educational standpoint, there are three types of nurses. When deciding to become a nurse, a person must first decide if they want to specialize in a particular area of medicine. If they do not, they usually receive a degree as an LPN. LPN’s regularly assist doctor’s and RN’s. An RN usually has picked an area of specialty. An RN is also required to get an associate or bachelor’s degree before they are licensed. Whatever career path they choose, a nurse will need a strong sense of dedication, and a willingness to help others. A good nurse will have strong communication skills, and be very observant to detail.

The education of a registered nurse is ongoing. Even after receiving that degree and starting work, a registered nurse may wish to further their education. They also have the choice of whether or not to specialize in a particular area of medicine. While most registered nurses do work in hospitals, even the ones employed there are specialists in one area of medicine or another most likely. Some even try two.

The perioperative nurse is a nurse who works directly with the doctor in the operating room. They provide care to the patient through all phases of surgery. They often assist the doctor if needed. The perioperative nurse is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to patients health and well being.

The critical care nurse works with patients who are suffering from immediate trauma, distress or life threatening injuries. Their job is to diagnose and treat such illnesses in a timely manner. They may be asked to work on anything, from a toothache to a three car accident. The job of critical care nurse is a very demanding one which can take a heavy emotional toll over time.

The psychiatric care nurse works closely with patients who are suffering from some sort of mental illness. The psychiatric care nurse can work in a managed care facility, a hospital, or with a private doctor. They may be called on to administer and monitor medications, or provide other short term care for their patients. They may be asked to participate in counseling sessions with their patients. A good psychiatric care nurse knows that sometimes it isn’t just a nine to five job, and is willing to go the extra mile for their patients. There is a severe shortage of registered nurses in this job field.

An oncology care nurse works with patients that have diagnosed with cancer. An oncology nurse is directly involved with the treatment plan, and may be called on to administer injections or other medication. They may be asked to care for a critically ill patient that is very sick, and just needs to be watched. They administer other cancer therapies such as chemotherapy when needed.

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