Utah Nurse Scholarships

In spite of  bad economy, interest in nursing is ever blooming. More and more both men and women are choosing nursing as their career. In order to encourage nursing both government and private sector offer many scholarships for nursing field.

Explore The Five Top Nursing Scholarships for Utah residents

The first program that offers scholarships for potential nurses is the Campus RN Utah Nursing Scholarship. This scholarship is a comprehensive scholarship, offered to one nursing student per region of the United States. There is an online application to complete, if your region is not registered with Campus RN, you will be given the chance to register it yourself. The amount of the scholarship is $2500 and it is not renewable for the winner.

Dixie State College of Utah offers scholarships to Health Science students based on financial need. A FAFSA must be filled out and the nursing department selection committee makes the choice of who will receive the awards. The Bamberger Nursing scholarships are one such scholarship, that requires an essay, proven clinical performance and the maintenance of a 3.0 GPA.

Other scholarships are offered by the following organizations; AmeriCorps Service offers a stipend after completion of their term of service which range from $1,000 to $4,000 and can be used to defray the cost of educational expenses.

The National organization for Associate Degree Nursing offers two scholarships available. You have to be a member of a local, state or national student nurse association, The application and all supporting documentation can be found online at www.noadn.org

There is a specific scholarship geared to providing women graduates of Utah high schools to attend colleges within Utah. A FAFSA must be completed, along with an essay, demonstration of academic excellence and financial need. The name of this scholarship is the Ruth S. Clayton Memorial Nursing Scholarship. One of the stipulations of this scholarship is that the recipients of the awards must intend to work in Utah for at least two years following graduation.

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