CNA renewal Nevada

Requirements for CNA renewal in Nevada

  • Along with the work experience, You must have completed twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education units (CEUs) within the last two years.

How to renew the license of certified nursing assistant in the state of Nevada.

There are many who think that renewing the license of CNA is complicated, but they must know that their idea about renewal of license is completely wrong because the process is quite simple. Through the state’s online system you can renew your license easily. After getting details of the renewal in your e-mail, you just follow the instructions without any hesitation.

Call the Nevada state board of nursing at 775.687.7700 or visit their website:

CNA renewal Nebraska

The method of renewing the license depends on various factors. In Nebraska, board of nursing will see whether you have worked as a certified nursing assistant(CNA) in the last two years or not. Apart from this they will verify when you have completed your training course. The Nebraska department of health and human service website has different view from other state department. They say that there is no long lasting education requires for maintaining an active status in the nurse aide registry. In order to remain active in the nurse aid registry the CNA of Nebraska does not have to face difficult challenges.

If you do not have the working experience of CNA for two years then You need to give written and clinical nursing assistant exams. The examination fee is decided by the post secondary exams. Do not think that the exam is managed by the sate of Nebraska. In the exam you need to show the proof that you have worked at least eight hours since your license was issued. There are many who always get confused about the validity date of the CNA license. CNA license is good for 24 straight months from the date of issuance. Take an example If your license is issued in the month of March in 2010 then your CNA license will remain valid up to March 2012. In order to confirm your active CNA license, you can contact with the Nebraska cna registry. For further acknowledgement communicate with the given number and if necessary visit the website:
Phone: 402.471.4376
Fax: 402.471.1066

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CNA renewal Missouri

The students who all are interested in nursing career for them the career of cna is a great turning point. When you complete the course it is mandatory for you to appear for the state licensing exam of your own state. As today we are discussing about Missouri so you will get information related to Missouri. The licensing exam consists of two parts one is practical exam and other is theory exam.

Below you will get to know few details of practical exam as well as of theoretical exam.

  • Practical exam: This exam is conducted by the sate examiner and in this exam you will ask to carry out at least five clinical tests. At the end of the exam you will get to know whether you have passed out the exam or not.
  • Theoretical exam: This exam is based on the assignments, which you have done in your clinical training. You can prepare for the exam by performing free online test as there are numerous websites that conduct test.

You will get the result of your examination after 10 to 15 days and after the result you will get your cna license. Once you pass the examination you will be given temporary license and, in most of the sates the license lapse within one year and for this you have to renew the license. Until and unless you did not pay the renewal fee you will not get the new license.

The renewal fee of cna license is not same for all the state. Online payment is the easiest procedure of renewing CNA license and nearly about 50% license get renewed in this manner.

For added information communicate with the state board of nursing of Missouri
Phone: 573.751.0681
Fax: 573.751.0075

CNA renewal Mississippi

Are you thinking how to renew cna license in Mississippi?
Each individual state consists of nurse aid registry. You need to contact your own sate nurse aid registry. As we are talking now about Mississippi so in this article I will provide you the contact information of Mississippi. Apart from contact address you will get website address of the Mississippi board of nursing.

Phone: 601.664.9303
Fax: 601.664.9304

When three months left in the expiry of your nursing license at that point of time you get the renewal. For instance if your certification has failed then there are few things you need to perform in order to get it renewed. You can renew the CNA license online but all state does not have same rules and regulations. In order to check the expire validity of the license it is compulsory for you to check the date of the license when it was issued. If you do not possess original certificate then it is better for you to contact with your company. If you have any doubt regarding your certificate then you must contact on the given number. If there is not a gap of 24 months in your service as a CNA then you need to fill up the license renewal form and besides this you have to pay re-certification fee. Since in the last two years if you haven’t done your employment as a CNA then it is mandatory for you to repeat the CNA program again.

CNA certification renewal in Minnesota

If any question twitters in your mind regarding the renewal of cna license, It is the best practice to contact your board of nursing by phone. Minnesota are one the few states that permit for the renewal of license online. In order to find out about the cna license renewal online, you need to check the renewal policies of your state and you need to check this by communicating the nurse aide registry of your state.
For further queries and in order to increase your knowledge regarding the can license renewal, you can contact with the following number and you can visit the following website: Phone: 612.617.2270
Fax: 612.617.2190

Like few other state Minnesota do not charge any fee for the license renewal of certified nursing assistant, if you fall under some criteria then only you will be allowed to pay nothing. If your name is shown inactive in the sate registry then you need to again apply for the entrance test.

CNA certification renewal in Michigan

How long is the cna license of Michigan valid?
The CNA license is valid for two years and the validity is calculated from the date of issue of the license.

What are the requirement to renew your CNA license in the state of Michigan?
There are few requirements you need to meet in order to get the renewal of certified nursing assistant license in the state of Michigan. In order to renew a license the CNA must work hard at least 160 hours in the last two years. If any CNA does not work in the mentioned period of time then that cnas license will be trail off. Apart from this you might have to retake the exam or you might have to go through the recertification classes. There are some states that provide the facility of renewing the license in online. In Michigan the nurse aid profession is followed according to the state’s federal rules and regulations. It is essential for the CNAs of Michigan to renew their registry document in every two year and that document must carry few things. One particular thing is that you have to submit eight hours of work experience and those experiences need to be gathered in two years. So, the working hour proof need to be inserted in the document.

How much Michigan charged for the CNA license renewal?
It is approximately $20. But if you fail to renew the cna license in time then you have to give the nursing entrance exam again. You have to pay $119.00 (approx), if you appear in the clinical exam again. If you give the knowledge test for the second time then you have to pay $45.50(approx)

If you have any queries or any doubts,

For further information communicate with the said number:
Phone: 517.335.0918
Fax: 517.373.2179

CNA certification renewal in MA

Get Familiar With The CNA License Procedure Of Massachusetts

There are many CNAs of Massachusetts who are thinking of renewing their can license. But they are not able to renew it because they do not know the exact procedure and also they are not aware how to renew the CNA license? There are many who want to know that there is any cost related for renewing the license of CNA. You will be surprised to know that presently there is no charge taken for renewing the license of certified nursing assistant. So, if you are among these who want to know the information related to the license renewal of CNA then this article will help you to gather the possible information’s. According to your recent employment data, your CNA license is valid for two years. This permits you to grip the valid license when you are placed between the companies. The above things will help you to find the secure employment.

Under the supervision of health and human service department(HHSD) the license of nurses and nurse’s aid is maintained in Massachusetts. How to renew your CNA license in Massachusetts is effortlessly answerable. The easy process of renewing the license is due to the HHSD friendly website, and this website is easily accessible. With The help of this website you can change your address and also you can get the duplicate copy of this license. There are many who did not able to check the status of their can license. But the CNA of Massachusetts is very lucky because they can check the status of their renewed license by using the HHSD website.

For further queries you can visit the website as well as you can contact in this no:
Phone: 617.973.0900 / 800.414.0168
Fax: 617.973.0984

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