journal national black nurses association

Journal national black nurses association

The Journal of National Black Nurses Association (which is popularly known as JNBNA) is a biannual publication which generally comes in print within spring to summer and at the last month of winter. These articles are usually considered at ongoing counting basis. The various publication of JNBNA comprises of research reports, scholarly papers, resource listings, critical essays or documents including reviews which is oriented to the issues associated to the several reason affecting the health care unit among the Black communities as well as the nurses.

As it is known that the ultimate goal of the National Black Nurses Association was focused towards the issues related to the health status information of the entire black people in United States. This community was also formed to open various positions for nursing education which also included nursing leadership positions among the Africans of US. The National Black Nurses Association cover many things like educational programs or suggestions or remedies related to the prevention measures generally centric to heart disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, women’s health, drug abuse, depression, or even violence.

The Journal of National Black Nurses Association proves all the relevant information and news on these related issues, which help people in order to find out the suitable remedy to their problem. The people who are mostly benefited are the NBNA members who get the profitable subscription to various NBNA News and all the copies of the Journal of the National Black Nurses Association. The JNBNA is a very popular print issue among the African Americans.

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