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It is no secret that health care is a booming career industry. With millions of baby boomers in need of quality nurses to facilitate in hospitals and clinics, there has never been a better time to go into the nursing field. However, without nursing scholarships, an education can be a bit costly. Luckily, the AACN can help those interested in nursing meet their career goals.

What is the AACN?

With over 65,000 members, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses is one of the largest organizations for specialty care providers in the country. Founded in 1969, the AACN is dedicated to helping health care professionals seek education and continuing education credits to further their careers.

Why Pursue Continuing Education Credits?

In most states, continuing education credits are required to renew licensing in the medical field. In addition, the advent of medicinal technology is allowing practitioners the ability to alter their care in order to meet the specific needs of each patient. By keeping education current, nurses can help save many lives.

Continuing Professional Development Scholarships

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses helps individuals find and obtain scholarships for nursing through a wide variety of different sources. However, a limited number of scholarships are available. Applicants should be prepared to access their skills, determine what their individual education needs are in able to further their medical knowledge, and be able to put together a definitive action plan. It is also important to note that a membership with AACN in required in order to qualify for the nursing scholarship program.

Additional Nursing Scholarship Opportunities

The AACN also supports nursing scholarship opportunities through other sources, including evidence-based nursing practice programs. These programs can be attended at many local universities, including Arizona State University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Texas. For those interested in administrative positions within nursing, the AACN also has scholarship programs each year designed for nursing leaders. Internships are also available to help cover the cost of general education and continuing education credits, with the location varying year to year.

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