Montana Nurse Scholarships

The five top nursing scholarships in Montana

Any scholarship for nursing students that is administered by the Federal Government will require the completion of the FAFSA form. There are, however, other programs that are under the auspices of private philanthropic organizations and commercial businesses that do not require this form, as they have their own application process that is different than that of the Federal Government. Basically they all share a couple of items in common; there has to be proof given that the applicant is enrolled in a nursing program, an essay or series of essays written, and some verifiable recommendations attached to the application. Economic hardship or some kind of disability all makes the application more viable. And lastly there has to be a stipulation of a minimum GPA that must be maintained to continue getting the scholarship, or at least reapplying for it yearly.

The Aloha Scholarship, administered by the American Legion Auxiliary, offers financial aid to relatives of Montana legion members. The applicants must be children or grandchildren of Legion members, living in Montana, be enrolled in a accredited nursing program also in Montana, must have been recommended by the local legion chapter, have a minimum of four letters of recommendation, (HS principal, pastor, and two members of local business community) and lastly have to include an essay on nursing with the application. One award of $500 is given yearly. Other criteria such as character, leadership. And academic aptitude is also considered in awarding this scholarship.

The following are scholarships that are available through Montana State University’s College of Nursing, which require an application, high school transcripts, an essay and present a student involvement log. In order to actually get the scholarships delineated below other criteria must be met.

The Fred and Morrein Bower Scholarship, requires the applicant to maintain a GPA of 2.50. and the deadline is in November. The amount of the award is contingent on financial need and only one award is given per year.

For students who are not eligible for any other form of financial aid, the Margy Burgess Peterson Memorial Scholarship is available. The requirements are enrollment in the nursing curriculum; maintaining a GPA of 2.50 and receiving a recommendation from the Associate Dean or their Campus Director.

The Patricia Schwarz Memorial Scholarship is specifically oriented towards nursing students who have shown a specific interest in caring for cancer patients. The award is only offered to upper division students and a personal essay must be included with the application. The award is contingent upon on financial need, and is variable in its amount.

Another scholarship administered by Montana State University is specifically for ethnic Asian or Chinese nursing students. The Yen Lin Lee Li Scholarship offers a varying amount of stipend and there is no limitation on how many scholarships can be offered. It rests solely on MSU’s faculty scholarship committee.

A shortage of funds should never keep an enterprising, intelligent student from pursuing the career she/he wants. There are many creative solutions to find funding for most students that does not necessarily have to be paid back.

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