Nursing student supplies

While entering for a undergraduate or a postgraduate course in nursing in a institution, there is a list of things which needs to be carried along with while you are leaving for the medical institution. These include everything from stethoscope, medical accessories, kit box, and uniform to socks and shoes. A candidate may be confused about where to obtain all the above mentioned things from and so many different nursing accessories and uniform providers come up with various schemes, promote their brands online as well as through other sources to minimize nursing student’s stress and help them choose the best at affordable price.

One of them is “School Nurse Supply” which deals in medical and pharmaceutical items like thermometers, stethoscopes, nutrition tablets and syrups, first aid items, lab clothes, boxers, pants, sanitizers, electronic thermometers, cervical collars, guide books and CDs  about  surgeries and treatments, nose click, home guide, sphygmomanometer kit, wheelchair arm protectors, sidekick wheelchair pouch at very affordable and reasonable prices.

There are various departments in nursing course like lab assistant, pharmaceutical, pathological treatment, homoeopathic and allopathic, nutritionist, chemical department, psychological department, DNA testing department etc.New innovations and improvements in advancement of medical kit and accessories supplies and in various departmental needs are been made and so new products have been availed in the market. Almost in every category new products have been availed which includes thermometers, sphygmomanometers, glucometers, hand sanitizers, guide and CD ROM, wheelchairs, stethoscopes, recovery pouches, ophthalmoscopes, nutrition products, paper and plastic cups, bandages, cabinets, hot/cold items, cleaners, computer software, gloves, fitness games, medical instruments etc.

You can place orders online or can also make quick orders by entering the quantity and name of products you want if you want to place multiple orders. With the launch of new instruments, uniforms, guide books, medical stationeries, health syrups and tablets, guide books and CD’S, software nursing students would be able to get adapted use advanced and modern instruments and medical items in there internships and practical training classes. Special attention is headed towards requirement of nursing student’s wardrobes by the faculty members and the institution so as to save them from facing any sort of trouble and also to make them qualified and advanced in their respective fields.  Student’s can also visit any time Walmart or eBay which are online shopping forum and are most highlighted shopping destination by the nursing students which deals in all kinds of medical stuffs and nursing degree related stuffs and has till date satisfied tons of nursing journals with their products and services.

While on the classes if you are forbidden to take notes on computers or you are allowed to take notes on laptops but you find it as distracting element, then you can get it printed from the website it is posted in or you can buy from the school itself as these are not too expensive. You can storage clipboards, folders to hold extra papers and nursing school calendars to remain organized.

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Ideas for nurse bumper stickers

Do you have some funny ideas for nursing bumper stickers?

There are all kinds of places on the Web where you can submit those ideas, or create your own ideas for nurse bumper stickers. There are literally thousands of websites where you can add your own funny flare to the back of your 1980’s Volvo, but some of the most well known are,, and

If you’re a nurse or studying to be one, and you’ve got a laughable phrase that you want to turn into a nursing bumper sticker, check out these sites. It is usually not all that expensive, because stickers are cheap. The turn around time for making your own bumper sticker is, in most cases under 2 weeks, so you’re not going to have to wait long at all.

There are already some great ideas for nursing bumper stickers, and of course, most of them are funny. The ones that are out there already are chocked full of nursing inside jokes, as it is a profession that tends to have it’s humorous ups and downs.
A few ideas you can use are:

  • Nurses do it standing up.
  • Nurses do it at night.
  • Nurses do it with care.
  • Love a nurse, PRN.
  • Nurses do it in the dark.
  • Nurses call the shots.
  • Doctors save lives, nurses save doctors.
  • Nurses do it with gloves on.
  • Trauma Nurse: Your stupidity, My job security.
  • I’ve got potassium, you’ve got an IV: do you really want to upset me?
  • Thorazine: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.
  • I’m sorry, we’re out of morphine. Oh! You’re suddenly ready to go home?
  • I love the smell of Haldol in the morning.

With these ideas, you might just get a laugh from a fellow nurse behind you on the way home from the hospital. 🙂

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Male nurse t-shirts

Nursing scrubs for men

Male nurse outfit

A lot of professions have uniforms and nursing is no exception. Most places of employment like their employees to wear something that identifies them to the public. The first nurses uniforms were basically knock offs on the habits and uniforms worn by Catholic nuns of the time period. At that time in history, nursing jobs and duties were performed by the sisters.

The first nurse uniforms were made up of a dress, a hat and what was called a pinafore or apron. Over time small changes were made to the overall uniform. A student of the famous Florence Nightingale was responsible for the uniform that was worn in Nurse Nightingale‘s school of nursing. Most of the early changes were cosmetic, changes in color, and minor changes in style.

In the seventies, the paper hat was introduced to replace the nurses cap. Aprons were replaced by plastic disposable ones. The overall design of the uniform became a lot simpler as a lot of nurses discarded aprons altogether. In the late eighties, nurses decided that comfort and function was more important than style. This was the time that nurses started wearing scrubs, that were similar to what doctors typically wear. This trend started in England, today it is the world wide standard.

Male nurse uniforms have undergone a few changes in the short time they have been wearing them. Originally male nurses started out wearing all white uniforms, similar in style to the female uniform. Now the male nurse typically dons a uniform, that is either blue or green in color. The stiff collars of the first uniforms have been replace with a more comfortable V-top. Sometimes nurses rank is displayed on the uniform, colored epaulettes that denote rank.

Critics say that the current nurse uniform is too much like the uniforms of the doctors, and other hospital personnel. They complain it is almost impossible to distinguish between a nurse and a janitor. Whatever uniform they decide to wear next won’t really matter. It’s all about the patient anyway.

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Male nurse watch

Male Nurse Lapel Watch

There are numerous gifts for the male nurses, but a really nice idea for your man in the medical field is a lapel watch. As a male nurse, it is a very dashing and practical accoutrement to his everyday work attire.

There are many different styles and designs to choose from when you are looking for a lapel watch for your male nurse, or if you are wanting to buy one for yourself. The lapel watches come in different colors and sizes, and can even be customized for the area of practice that the male nurse is in. For example,. There are watches for pediatric care, general, lab and medical technology, mammography, long term care, and the list goes on.

The lapel watches are not big or cumbersome, so they work well with being pinned on the male nurse’s scrubs or medical attire. It is a great alternative to a wrist watch, which occasionally can get in the way of performing some procedures. Some male nurses have a hard time fitting rubber or latex gloves over a watch, so a lapel watch is a great and attractive alternative to this.

One of the nicest designs for the male nurse lapel watch is the simplest – a metal watch on a chain with a plain background and a simple yet attractive red cross emblazoned on the watch face. It sends a clear message that the male nurse is an important aspect of the medical world, and is quite sharp and good looking.

The lapel watch for the male nurse is also multi-purpose, as it can either be worn as a lapel watch or be used as a pocket watch. Pocket watches are very stylish and a way to spice up your nursing couture, and it always looks kind of fun when you reach into your pocket and pull out a pocket watch. For those of your male nurses who are a little old-fashioned or who like items from days gone by, using the lapel watch as a pocket watch definitely fits that need. You can also have it engraved if you like.

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Male nurse costumes

Male nurse costumes, Male nurse outfit, Male costumes ideas

Whether you are gearing up for Halloween or just a costume party, a male nurse costume is a fun idea. Whether you are a nurse or not, it’s always fun to dress up in costume. There are several options to choose from when picking out what to wear, but use your imagination – you’re only limited by what you can think up.

There are a couple of variations on male nurse costumes you can try. One of them is good if you have a twisted sense of humor and don’t mind gender bending with it – whatever you do, remember to have fun. You can sport some attractive thigh-high stockings that will show off your legs.

There are some fun costume accessories if you want to be a slightly twisted male nurse. You can sport an evil-looking, enormous syringe that will have your fellow party-goers cowering in fear. You can disguise your face with a doctor’s mask. You can even bust out the crazy clunky chunky orthopedic shoes to go with your stockings.

And of course, don’t forget the stethoscope. You may have people approaching you all night, and once they get past your shoes (if you’re feeling really wild you can try to find some white patent leather pumps), you may get several requests for an “examination”. Hey, you can always determine if anyone’s interested in you by checking out their heartbeat with your stethoscope.

And don’t forget your clipboard for medical notes. Not only are they a great nurse uniform prop, but it’s a great way to get people’s phone numbers. And you can always top everything off with an adorable little nurse’s cap with a red cross on it.

Okay, so maybe this type of nursing getup is a little less manly than you want. That’s okay, there is nothing out there that says you can’t be a manly male nurse, except for years of societal misunderstanding and judgment, of course.

You can be a little more butch if you decide to sport scrubs as your male nurse attire. There are lots of colors and patterns to choose from, which you may want to go for, since if you go for the standard blue scrubs you may be mistaken for a doctor, and that could get embarrassing.

If you want to take it to the nth degree, you could always get one of those male bodybuilding costumes for under your scrubs that makes you look like a super bodybuilder a la Arnold Schwarzenegger, RN. With your bulging nurse muscles you may have females swooning all over you. 😉

The main thing to do is just have fun with it. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable people around you will be. It provides a great opportunity for you to discuss what it’s like to be a nurse if you are a nurse, and educate people about your profession, with real props if you have them. Dress however you feel like, and you’ll have a great time and people will love it.

White nursing shoes

White Male Nursing Shoes

Choosing the right pair of white male nursing shoes does not have to be either difficult or expensive but there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration. Before you can take care of your patients you have to take care of yourself.

1). Do these white male nursing shoes offer support and comfort for long hours on my feet?

Do not choose a pair of shoes just because they “rock.” Remember that as a nurse you will need to spend 10 to 12 hours per day on your feet with little or no time to sit down so you will need to make very sure that you white male nursing shoes not only fit well and breath but add support for your legs and lower back as well.

2). Can I easily clean these white male nursing shoes?
Nursing is a messy business and sometimes the mess WILL end up on your feet. Although white is a traditional nursing color and often required, it is not the best color to hide stains and dirt. Make sure that the white male nursing shoes that you choose are made from a washable material such as leather.

3). Will these white male nursing shoes slip or skid on wet floors?
We cannot stress enough that nursing is sometimes messy. Remember, tile or polished floors+ liquid+ being in a hurry can equal a nasty slip and fall accident. Therefore it is highly recommended that you choose white male nursing shoes with a non skid or rubber sole for easy traction.

Choosing the right white male nursing shoes does not have to cost a lot of money, nor do you have to give up style but you do need to carefully consider these three questions before you make this all important purchase.

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Male nurse accessories

Fun Male Nursing Accessories

Being a male nurse is fun and rewarding. There are lots of things you can do to accessorize your male wardrobe, and there are also some important things to have that make the job easier for you throughout the day as you interact with patients and help others.

A good thing to have with you at all times is a stethoscope. It’s nice to have your own, since it’s going on your ears all day – it’s good to have one that you don’t have to share with anyone else’s ears, as it were. Male nurses often have their own stethoscopes.

Male nurses spend a good deal of the day on their feet, running from place to place. Sometimes that makes for sore muscles. One of the ways to combat those working-time aches is to use kinesiology tape on the sore or affected areas. It can really help take the strain away from those target areas.

If your working in peds as a male nurse, you may want to have accessories that are fun for children or make them laugh. One way to do this is to have some fun and playful reflex hammers at your disposal. They come in all shapes and colors, and there are some even shaped like animals that kids enjoy.

No matter who your patients are, they might benefit from having ‘no chill’ sleeves put over the stethoscope when you check their breathing. It can eliminate that cold ‘brrr’ feeling, and is often a must in any make nurse’s accessories.

If you like, you can also order male nursing scrubs which come in a variety of designs. Some are cute, some are funny, and some just put people at ease when they look at them.

Another male nurse accessory is the Sphygmomanometer. Often the rooms have their own Sphygmomanometers, but you can also have your own in interesting designs, too.

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