Nursing scholarships, male nursing grants,Nursing Scholarships, Nursing grants,Male Nursing Scholarships

Nursing scholarships, male nursing grants,Nursing Scholarships, Nursing grants

Professional Liability Insurance For Nurses

March 28th, 2013

Do Nurses Need Their Own Professional Liability Insurance?

If you’re in the medical field, you are dealing directly with the health and wellbeing of the people that come to see you for care.  While you might do everything in your power to make sure that your patients become well again, sometimes things don’t always go the way we want them to; and unfortunately, those patients may see you as the reason for their predicament.

Before you know it, you’re involved in a nasty lawsuit, which can tarnish your reputation and especially burden you financially.  While it is well known that medical doctors need malpractice and professional liability insurance, nurses also need coverage as well.

The Nurse Coverage Myth

It is a widely propagated myth that if you are a nurse, then you don’t need professional liability insurance coverage.  The reason is because, usually, employers are the ones that provide this coverage to their nurses.  However, there are a couple reasons why you should still purchase your own policy.

First, employers are going to have their own policies that suit their own interests.  In the event that you end up in a lawsuit, your employer is looking out for the company’s interests, first and foremost.  If burying your career will allow them to walk away unscathed during a law suit, then the attorney’s working for your employer are going to do just that.

In addition, sometimes these policies don’t often cover all employees by name, meaning that you might be left vulnerable in the event that your name ends up in the suit.

What Your Own Policy Can Do

Of course, many employers will not want you to purchase your own coverage for the simple fact that it isn’t in their best interests.  First, this should say volumes about their intentions; and second, it is none of your employer’s business whether you are covered or not.

Essentially, having your own policy means that you will have an attorney going to bat for you and your interests alone.  Also, it means that you can actually protect yourself from financial liability, and you can even have representation before the Board of Nurses.

Sometimes employers can even hold their own nurses liable for various problems in the workplace.  Having your own policy gives you protection against your own employer, which is another reason why many medical care providers don’t want their nurses to purchase their own policies.

Having your own insurance will give excellent protection for your nursing license and overall professional reputation.

Your Own Policy

One reason why many in the medical industry don’t get professional liability insurance is because they believe it to be too expensive.  While medical doctor’s malpractice insurance is expensive, it is rather reasonable for nurses.

In fact, nurses can get their own professional liability insurance for about $100 per year, which comes to less than $10 per month.  For the protection you can receive for having your own policy, it would be well worth the cost.  It’s basically peace of mind for the price of three lattes a month.

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Nordstrom Scholarship FAQ

March 15th, 2013

What is the Nordstrom Scholarship Program?

The Nordstrom Scholarship Program was created to help high school graduates pay for college.  This program will give the qualified students $10,000 to be spread over their four year college career.

Essentially, the Nordstrom Scholarship Program is there to assist students that are in need of financial aid.  There are a few Nordstrom Scholarship requirements to be met; however, in comparison to most scholarships, this program is rather lenient on who can apply.  Perhaps the only requirement that may not be easily achieved by most students is the fact that he or she must live near a Nordstrom store in order to qualify.  Nordstrom does not give a specific required distance between the student’s home residence and each store, but it is known in which states Nordstrom does business:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Colombia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, N. Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

The Nordstrom Scholarship program also runs a YouTube ad campaign, called TEN4U, which helps promote awareness about the scholarship.  The video shows Nordstrom Scholarship winners of 2012, receiving their awards.  Also, the video shows that the winners came from many diverse backgrounds, so it seems as if there are very few demographic requirements to qualify for the scholarship.  Keep in mind, that one major requirement is that the student must never have been convicted of a crime.

The program, also known, as the ‘Nordstrom Cares Scholarship’ is awardable to virtually any student that meets the basic requirements, such as:

1. The student will need to have at least a GPA of 2.7 or above.  Again, compared to most scholarship programs, this is below average.  Though this may help some students that have a lower GPA, the applicant base for the Nordstrom Scholarship Program will be much larger, so there will be more competition.

2. The student must be involved in some time of volunteer or community service work.  This is perhaps one of the most important parts about the Nordstrom Scholarship requirements, as this particular program is designed to assist students who are actively involved in charitable volunteer work.

3. Last, the Nordstrom Scholarship program requires that the student must be eligible and planning on attending a 4-year college program in order to qualify.

How can the Nordstrom Scholarship help for seniors?

Unfortunately, the Nordstrom Scholarship cannot help high school seniors, as one of the Nordstrom Scholarship requirements is that the applicant must be a high school junior.

It is very important for students who want to qualify for this program to apply no later than their junior year, and preparing for it by the end of their sophomore year.  Also, the Nordstrom Scholarship program will have certain requirements for high school juniors.

1. Nordstrom: Scholarship Application – ACT – There needs to be an ACT score present on the application; however, the program does not give any requirements for how highly the student scored.  Of course, if the student must be eligible to enroll in a college program, then the ACT score should be high enough to do so.  Essentially, the Nordstrom Scholarship for juniors application must be submitted with an ACT score that is high enough to enroll in a 4-year college.

2. According to the program, there is no Nordstrom scholarship for employees.  However, this should not deter employees from applying if they meet the requirements above.

The Nordstrom Scholarship Program will also award other perks to high school juniors that win, including things like laptop computers and other college supplies.  In 2012 the program had over 12,000 applicants, but only about 80 winners.  The percentage is less than 1%, so it is very important to have an extensive and thorough resume’ before applying to meet the requirements and receive these awards.

The best practice to get into for applying to any scholarship is to begin late in the sophomore year.  This way, there will be no shortage of time for taking care of various details as the junior year draws on.  It is never smart to wait for deadlines when trying to receive scholarship awards, as this never looks good on the student.  While there still are other scholarship opportunities for high school seniors, most scholarship opportunities, such as the Nordstrom Scholarship, will only allow juniors to apply.  In addition, the student must have an ACT score, a career in volunteering and community service, as well as an essay describing this charitable work in order to even submit the paperwork.  This could take months to complete, so it is crucial to begin as soon as possible.  Even high school freshmen should be in the planning phase on which scholarship applications they wish to submit.

How can it help for my nursing school?

The Nordstrom Scholarship program does not give any college courses of study that are required in order for the student to qualify, so naturally, even students applying for nursing school may be able to receive Nordstrom Scholarship program awards.

However, the student should keep in mind that many nursing schools are only 2-year programs, meaning that the student would not qualify.  If he or she is planning on enrolling in nursing school and also qualifying for Nordstrom scholarship monies, the nursing student needs to enroll in a 4-year nursing program.

Actually, if the student becomes accepted into a nursing program while applying for the Nordstrom Scholarship program, while he or she is also involved in some type of volunteer work in that field, that could present a strong case for approval.  The Nordstrom Scholarship program has traditionally been partial to those entering the medical field, for the simple fact that there is ample opportunity for charitable work.  So, if the student goes into nursing and is hoping to find scholarship monies, there is a larger percentage chance that filling out applications will pay off in the long run.

Nordstrom Scholarship eligibility requires that the student must also have a 2.7 GPA or higher in order to qualify for the scholarship, so that means if certain students have a lower GPA than average per those who qualify, then being a medical field may help the student’s chances.  With scholarships, much about winning awards is about appearances.

Again, the Nordstrom Scholarship program does not indicate that certain fields of study are off limits.  But, there certainly are college career paths that may improve chances on winning scholarship monies.  Simply have the other requirements lined up, and apply by the deadline.

What Is the Nordstrom Scholarship Essay?

There are a few Nordstrom Scholarship essay questions and examples, but most of them have to do with a single theme:  community service.  The Nordstrom Scholarship program is geared towards students with a leaning towards community service and charitable work, so naturally, the essay will ask questions along those same lines.

One of the most common questions is ‘What kind of charitable work have you done and why did you begin doing community service and volunteering?’  Also, you may find something like, ‘What kind of community service work do you plan on doing during your college career?’  It is easy to see why it is very important for the applicant to have extensive volunteering work under his or her belt before their junior year.

A simple Internet search will reveal examples on essays written for the Nordstrom Scholarship application.  The applicant may want to read these before writing his or her own to get an idea of what others have already done.  However, keep in mind that plagiarism is a very fast way to get an application thrown out immediately, so never find yourself copying the words or ideas off someone else’s essay.  Only seek out these essays for example purposes.

There is very large weight placed on the Nordstrom Scholarship essay for the simple fact that it helps the folks get to know the applicants.  It also allows the truly gifted and community service oriented students to stand out.  For this reason, the student should certainly take his or her time on the essay, especially considering how important it is to the overall application and decision process.  In addition, writing the essay from personal experience is a big help, as this gives the student a podium to sell his or her application to the program.

For any college scholarship application, essays are there so that the student can brag about his or her accomplishments in a professional manner.  It is a place to tell the program about why you are more qualified above all other applicants, which is why there is so much emphasis on scholarship essays.  Doing well on the essay is a very fast way to increase your chances on winning the Nordstrom Scholarship.

Overall, the Nordstrom Scholarship program is designed to help students who need assistance in paying for college.  These students must have a love for their community, as well as a drive for excellence.

Scholarships And Grants For Sexually Abused Children

March 4th, 2013

Top 5 scholarships for sexually abused children

People often neglect sexually abused children during their childhood or they themselves stay away from normal society, especially education. Education is the best tool to recover from any loss and therefore these survivors should be motivated to learn and get back to real life.

No # 5. The 2013 Transformations Scholarship by Project PAVE
Promoting alternatives to violence through education (PAVE) is a project that believes that youth is everything and young generation can play a vital role in changing sexual abuse through education. The mission started during 1986 and if you are a sexually abused child, less than 21 years and hold a GED or high school graduating senior then you can (should) apply for the scholarship.

No # 4. Survivor Scholarships by TREE Climbers
Tree climbers offer scholarship programs to childhood sexual abuse (CSA) survivors in the fields of Child development, Criminal justice, Social work and Nursing. The management of TREE Climbers understands the devastating effect of CSA and the difficult time faced by the children at school. Therefore, they aim to bring back the confidence of these survivors and empower them through education.

No # 3. Hope in Healing Scholarship
Hope in healing scholarship works through donations from philanthropists belonging to different fields of life but it is made sure that every single penny is served for the right cause. The main purpose of this scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to those sexually abused children who cannot afford therapy; regardless of what their age is at the time of joining. People with scholarships are given six months therapy either from an individual specialist or team of specialists.

No # 2. Hope in Healing Fund: Mary Bayard honorary scholarship
Hope in healing fund is another active fund in which whatever you donate is considered as a contribution from your side to help those who were abused sexually during their childhood. In 2009, seven people got scholarship while with the increment of two persons, there were nine people during 2010 that qualified for the scholarship and received therapies along with counseling from specialists.

No # 1. Children of Phoenix Scholarship
Education enables you to deal with all type of situations but unfortunately, many sexually abused children cannot continue their studies. Sexually abused survivors of Australia can benefit from The Children of Phoenix Scholarships and continue their educational career at primary, secondary, University or vocation community educational level. The scholarship provides maximum financial assistance to its beneficiaries.

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1. Scholarships And Grants For Autistic Children

Scholarships And Grants For Autistic Children

February 11th, 2013

In order to get the list of scholarships for autistic children, you need to be creative. It is neither an easy task nor it is a fast procedure. You need to invest a good amount of time then you might get successful result. You need to do appropriate and genuine search. Begin your hunting with the websites that provide scholarships, you can search into your community because you will find several local resources that are eager and interested to help the children who are suffering from autism and other challenging disease. There is an autism society and they get donations. The donations money is being utilized for research and helping the families of autistic children. There are organizations available, who financially helps the autistic children. Apart from this, there are scholarships available for the students who want to pursue higher education.

Our society is not behind when it comes to help the autistic children or mentally retarded children. As, we know that an autistic children either scores normal or they exceed the normal and intelligence and secure good marks. Somehow, children as well as parents able to manage the high school education but they face difficulty when it comes to college education. An autistic child has the capability to pursue college education but due to lack of financial programs, they fail to raise high in their life. Autistic children parents have more expenses because since their children childhood, they have to spend huge money on their child treatment and as a result, later they fail to provide money for their college education. The parents of autistic children did not have to worry because there are college scholarships available for autistic people and here you will be informed about Top 5 College Scholarships For Autistic People along with other additional information’s.

Eden Services Ann M. Martin Scholarship:
An individual with autism can apply for the scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is $1000. The basic requirement for this scholarship is the candidate need to complete an accredited postsecondary educational or vocational program of study.

Schwallie Family Scholarship Program:
In order to apply for this scholarship the candidate must be identified as autism. In order to apply for this scholarship the candidate need to complete his initial education (class10). Hence, an autistic student can avail this scholarship from high secondary level. There are 5 different awards and each is of $3,000. For winning this amount, there are different criteria. The 3 award categories are for students attending a 4 year college, second is students attending 2 year college, and next students attending a trade, technical, or vocational school.

CVS Pharmacy Charitable Trust:
This trust offer scholarship of $1,000 per year. An autistic child can freely apply for this scholarship. This money they can utilize in attending the college or any trade school of their choice.

Golfers Giving, Inc. – Scholarships:
This scholarship is for the students who are having specialization in special education, speech pathology, social work, autism research and related fields. The candidate who is planning to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree, Post Graduate Degree at an accredited college or university can apply for the scholarship. While you are submitting the application of scholarships, the mandatory requirement is you need to have a certified transcript showing a B average, two letters of recommendations along with 1 page essay on a selected topic.

John Weir Scholarship:
This scholarship is open to autistic student as well as student who are suffering from other disabilities. You need to complete your higher secondary education for receiving this scholarship. The scholarship is for those who are willing to attend two- or four-year college or a trade school. The winner will have the opportunity to win scholarship of $ 500 and probably an addition $500 for the following three years of college. Apart from this, the winner will get the chance of CIL’s youth spokesperson. The runners up will also be awarded with smaller one-time scholarships.

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Scholarships for Dental Assistants

January 29th, 2013

Dental assistant educational programs generally require a two years degree along with a certificate from a trade school. These programs spread over a time span of nine to twelve months. Naturally, students require financial aid. Such help is given in the form of loans, but the most beneficial is a scholarship since it does not have to be paid back.

Scholarships for Dental Assistants:

Here are the top five scholarships dental assistants can apply for

1. The ADEAGies education fellowship is given to educators in dental field for problems issued in this field. The applicant receives $10,000 for an overwhelming educational experience at Washington, D.C. Applicants are required to visit and complete their application online.

2. The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation (also known as DTAF) works for the promotion of oral healthiness in the US. They offer two scholarships worth $5,000 to the students of third or fourth year. The dean of the dental schools in US is required to nominate one student and submit the application at the dean’s office. You can read further details at

3. The Jeanne C. Sinkford Scholarship program was named after a highly esteemed and well-educated woman named Jeanne C. Skinford. Ms. Skinford played an important role for women in the dental field.  This scholarship of $15,000 is provided to women only.  The applicants are required to complete their application at

4. In memory of a famous scholar and researcher, Dr. Leonard Abrams, the Leonard Abrams scholarship is presented by the Alpha Omega Foundation. The receiver of this grant is given $20,000 for the program that spreads over a span of a year at the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Institute. Applicants are required to complete their application at and specify that they are interested in Leonard Abrams Scholarship in the ADEA Leadership Institute.

5. Ranking on number five on the list of top dental assisting scholarships, this scholarship is awarded by the Colgate-Palmolive Company and ADEA. ADEA/Colgate-Palmolive Co. Excellence in Teaching Award is a distinguished award that is provided to exceptional dental teachers in order to enhance their skills and efforts. The applicant receives a sum of $2500. Applicants can visit for completing their application online.

For those who would want to go an extra mile in order to enhance their learning, these scholarships are quite helpful. Such grants are advantageous especially to those who cannot afford higher education, be it a student or a teacher of dentistry. Aid can also be provided in the form of loans, but then again, the sum of money has to be paid back hence making scholarships the most convenient source of help for those who want to make their career as dental assistants.

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Grants And Scholarships for Medical Assistants

Top 10 Scholarships and Grants for Ultrasound Technician

Medical Assistant Scholarships

December 3rd, 2012

Is there really a ‘Top Grants And Scholarships for Medical Assistants’ list?

These days, there seems to be a ‘top 5’ list for just about everything. Sadly, when it comes to medical assisting scholarships, it isn’t so simple. Acquiring grants and scholarships isn’t like checking off a shopping list, as it tends to take much, much more work than the student usually intends. In fact, higher education advisors often tell aspiring students to look at grants and scholarships a lot like a job –the more time you put in, the more rewards you will reap. That said, there are still opportunities for medical assistant scholarships that are out in the open, ready for the taking.

The American Medical Technologists scholarship program can offer $500 per student; however, only 5 students per year will be awarded the funding. Also, the applicants must register by April 1st in order to qualify. The purpose of the AMT scholarship program is to help students that are in financial need in order to complete the necessary course requirements. Though $500 isn’t going to pay for much, it’s still worth a shot. Scholarships can really add up and make paying those student loans just that much easier.

The Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund can offer upwards of $1,000 per applicant. This program does have a bit more stringent requirements, as the student must maintain a 3.0 GPA after completing at least a semester. This particular program is administered by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

In addition to these scholarships, it’s always important to have Pell grants taken care of. Pell grants will only have financial need requirements to meet, as these grants are moneys that come from state and federal government, meaning that it will be easier to acquire than scholarships for medical assistant programs.

Make sure you have a combination of both when trying to lessen the sting of college loans.

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Scholarships And Grants For Physician Assistants

November 30th, 2012

The TOP 5 Scholarships for Physician Assistants That You Must See

A common misconception about going into nursing or medical school is that you’ll have to take those loans on the chin and just dive in headfirst. Actually, this isn’t the case, as there have been quite a few folks who have had college largely paid for through scholarships and grants. These physician assistant scholarships and grants can be easily found on the Internet, so we’ve simply compiled the top 5 scholarships for physician assistants that you must see before you search any further.

#1. The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program is a scholarship that was put in place for students who are in financial need. The nicest part about this particular scholarship is the face that it is not geographically bound from state to state, as it is a federally funded scholarship.

#2. The American Academy of Physician Assistants runs a scholarship program that can operate through state chapters, meaning that if the student is going to any college within the US to take programs to prepare to be a physician assistant, then that student is eligible. This particular physician assistant scholarship does not operate by using a set amount, but will rather pay to offset the overall cost of college.

#3. General scholarship funds from respective colleges are often overlooked as worthy sources of college cash. It is important that the student always checks with the college or university guidance office to see if there is any college funding available. The nice part about this is the fact that the geographical spread of that particular scholarship is a non-issue. The only requirements are usually demographically, financially, or performance-based.

#4. Pell grants can be extremely useful when trying to offset the cost of college through the use of federal moneys. In fact, Pell grants are the most common type of college grant, and the only requirements usually focus on the student’s financial situation and not based on merit. This makes these grants remarkably easily acquired.

#5. Workplace grants can offer some of the highest payouts, however, they are not always easily acquired. The amounts, requirements, geography, demographics, etc., are often varied and based mostly on being at the right place at that right time. Nevertheless, these can offer anywhere from hundreds of dollars to paying a full ride.

It is always important to utilize all your resources, especially when taking on the task of paying for college. With most things in life, do your homework today, and save yourself the time and effort tomorrow.

How to find scholarships?