Male Nursing Uniforms

As a male nurse, you experience plenty of challenges due to your gender and your choice of profession. Statistics on male nurses show that nursing industry is filled more by female nurse than male nurses. But one of those challenges often goes overlooked.  The challenge of looking good on the job as a male nurse is caused, in part, by the fact that many nursing uniform manufacturers are very focused on female fashion. While scrub uniforms are generally considered unisex, the variety of patterns and styles available are overwhelmingly geared towards the ladies.

But there are some helpful hints that can make you look more put together at work, even if you skip patterned nursing scrub uniforms.  One of the best ways to do this is to work with the colors available to you. Scrubs come in a limitless variety of colors, and by accessorizing your nursing scrubs with coordinating nursing shoes or clogs, caps, and even gloves, you can create a polished look.  This way you can proudly announce that this is my nursing uniforms.

It might be tempting at first to get your nursing scrubs, nursing crocs, and nursing caps all in the same shade of the same color, but it’s this mistake that can make you look like you’ve come to the hospital in your pajamas.  Mixing colors and shades doesn’t have to be difficult or require a larger investment in nursing uniform accessories.  Choose a few colors that create a pleasing contrast–you can be creative with this too.  For example, lime green, cobalt blue, and chocolate brown can be a perfect set of colors to begin with.  You won’t want to wear more than two colors at once, but any two of these three will look great together.

Look beyond just the typical nursing crocs and nursing caps when you accessorize, too.  For example, your undershirts can be a great way to show you’ve put some thought into the details of your nursing uniform.  Cobalt nursing scrubs and nursing crocs set off by a lime green undershirt and lime green nursing cap are a fun, bright, and stylish combination.  When you coordinate with contrasting colors, make sure to choose one color as the predominant color for the day, and accessorize with at least two but no more than three pieces in your accent color.

You can also do something similar with shades of the same color. For example, you can accent navy blue with powder blue accessories.  These seemingly small details can really make a big difference!

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