Male nursing history

In the third century, in Rome, there was an association of men called the Parabolani brotherhood which provided care to the unwell and dying due to the huge plague in Alexandria. Throughout the crusades, assembly of men recognized as Knighthood orders for instance the St.John’s Knights Hospitalers of Jerusalem, the Teutonic Knights. The Knights of Larzarus, encompassed of brothers in arms who offered nursing care to their sick and offended comrades. These orders were responsible for building, organizing and administration of great hospitals, setting a standard for the administration of hospitals principally in the battleground in Europe at the time.

A few significant famous men in the filed of Nursing:

1. John Ciudad (1495-1550) formed the order of the brothers of St. John of God or the Brothers of Mercy in (1538). He started a hospital in Grenada and also asked a group of friends to help in offering care to the psychologically ill, crippled, homeless, derelicts, and deserted children. Men of this order also visited the unwell in their homes.

2. St. Camillus de Lellis (1550-1614) formed the Nursing Order of Ministers of the sick. Men of this order were compassionate to the fading, citizens suffering with the plague, and also alcoholics. St.Camillus opened a hospital for the alcoholics in Germany.

3. James Derham was the African American man who performed as a nurse in New Orleans in the year of 1783. He was capable to put aside sufficient money to but his liberty from slavery. He went on to turn out to be the first African American physician in United States.

4. Walt Whitman (1819-1892), he was a poet and a writer; He served as a volunteer hospital nurse in Washington DC during the historical Civil War. He recorded his know-how in a group of poems called “DRUMTAPS” and in his diary, named as “SPECIMEN DAYS and COLLECT”.

5. Edward Lyon was the first man to be commissioned in the Army Nurse Corps. He was a nurse Anesthetist from Kings Park, NY. He was specially made as a second lieutenant on October 10 in the year of 1955.

The Alexian Brotherhood, another male crowd was prearranged in 1431. Knighthood orders of the Middle Ages joint religion, militarism, chivalry, and charity. Their unique purpose was to carry the wounded from the battlefield and to provide care. Seventy existences before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, Fray Juan de Mena was stranded off the south Texas Coast. He is the first recognized nurse in what was to turn out to be the United States.

It would be an extended time before males were once more permissible to be nurses in the military. Men were allowable back into nursing till after the Korean War. Throughout the superseding decades men who were Registered Nurses enlisted and were also drafted, they were not assigned as nurses.

35.5% of its 3,381 nurses are men in the Army and also 30% of 3,790 nurses are men in the Air Force.  36% of the 3,125 nurses are men in the Navy. One must keep in mind that in the nursing profession that only 6% is male. 67% of CRNAs are men, 34% of ED nurses are men, 40% of the OR nurses are men, 29% of serious care nurses are men and also 39% of medical surgical nurses are men in the Army. So it seems that more and more men are now interested in nursing field.

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