Dating a male nurse

Would you date a male nurse? Well who wouldn’t? Listen, there has been entirely enough of this silly male nurse stereotypes. Male nurses are some of the manliest people around. So forget the old outdated images of nurses being effete – it just ain’t true.

One of the most appealing things about male nurses is their ability to care and heal. Who wouldn’t want to date someone that is considerate, caring, and thoughtful? Because nursing means having to have a good bedside manner, who wouldn’t want to date someone with a spectacular bedside manner? It seems pretty appealing.

Male nurses get a bad rap, but really they are very intelligent individuals. The work they do every day takes a lot of thought and smarts. Just to get through nursing school itself takes a lot of brains, and that is very attractive in a dating partner.

Plus, with male nurses’ knowledge of medicine, they are super handy to have around. Because they know so much about the human body (hey, they had to take anatomy, right?), well, you can guess the benefits there without needing them to be spelled out.

Male nurses are also very capable. They have to be able to multi-task and think about and manage a lot of things at once. This talent and skill works very well outside the workplace. It’s nice to be around someone who is able to keep track of things and be on top of things.

Male nurses are great. They put people’s better interests before other things, and they are very considerate and thoughtful. And what better person to be around when you get a boo-boo and you need someone to doctor it up and kiss it better? A male nurse is perfect for that. That is why I would totally date a male nurse. In fact I would not mind being in love with a male nurse.  😉

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