Male nurse issues

Nursing has undergone a major revolution and now we have both men and women in the profession. At one point of time the nursing professional was a female oriented one and there were hardly the presence of men in the field. Men have joined nursing field gradually. There are roughly 6 to 7 percentage of men in nursing in the USA today.

It is true that male nurses have entered the arena and have been widely accepted all over the nation however there are some areas where a male nurse tends to be the victim of male nursing prejudice. There are some hospitals and health care units that still ban the male nurse in labor and delivery as they feel that it is a women predominant area.

There are some male nurses who have faced a lot of hostility from female nurses because of their gender.  There have been some hospitals that tend to keep men out of women’s health floors though such cases are rare nowadays. There have been cases that have de-motivated men however with the passage of time things are getting better. Women nurses are now accepting their male counterparts and both of them are working hand in hand.

In the past there were also some male nurses who complained on workplace prejudice however this has also diminished to a large extent today. Most male nurses today do not face the prejudice and they are very happy and satisfied with their jobs and the career opportunities that the nursing profession provides them with.

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