CNA certification in Alaska

In the USA there is a nationwide shortage of registered nurses as well as nursing assistants. It is anticipated that this shortage is expected in the forthcoming years. Getting a CNA certification in Alaska is a wise and prudent decision that you can take for the future. All over the state health care units and hospitals are looking for skilled and qualified nurses to work in these health care units and hospitals. In order to obtain the CNA certificate in Alaska you must first clear the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam. The Applicants need to submit fingerprint cards. The above licenses and certificates are not issued without the outcome of a federal or state background check that shows you have a good reputation and standing.

The Federal Law of the Alaska CNA certificate program lasts for about eight to thirteen weeks. The applicant needs to gain about seventy accredited hours of the CNA course work along with a hundred hours of clinical rotation. There are special training arrangements in individual schools that offer the above programs. After the applicant has passed the Certified Nurse Assistant Examination he/she should be placed on the Alaska Nurse Aid Registry.

As mentioned in the above paragraph the required hours for the Alaska CNA Certification requires you to successfully complete at least 75 hours of CNA course work along with 100 hours of clinical rotation for becoming eligible to challenge the Alaska CNA licensing examination. The classes for nurse aide last for two to six months. Each individual school will have special requirements to start the training programs for candidates.

The Alaska CNA certification in addition to the prerequisites of the two fingerprint cards also requires a photo ID, two passport size photos and a negative TB test that has been taken in the last six months with the proof of immunizations required. The applicant is also needed to display proof of a GED or a high school diploma.

The following are some helpful CNA certification in Alaska resources that will help you in your endeavor to become a nurse:

Alaska Board Of Nursing

The major mission of the Alaska Board Of Nursing is to vigorously promote as well as protect the health of the citizens residing in the state of Alaska with safe and effective nursing practice as defined by law. The board also embraces regulations that the laws that govern nursing practices are carried out effectively. It has the power to make the final licensing decisions and also take disciplinary actions against individuals who tend to violate the licensing laws.


Alaska Institute Of Technology

The Mission of the AVTEC is to provide training to competent and compassionate Certified Nursing Assistants with the skills and the knowledge to support effective employment in a number of health care settings in the long run. The Institute also will offer courses for individuals who wish to take up nursing as a career.


Alaska Nurse Aide Registry

This body deals with the certification of nurse aides. It also deals with the maintenance of the nurse aide abuse registry that is the responsibilities of the Board of Nursing. The Board also reserves the right to make the final decisions with regard to the certification of the applicants. It also undertakes disciplinary action against those who violate the law. The Alaska Nurse Aide Registry has staff from the divisions of business, corporations and professional licensing.


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