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The Journal Of Nursing Scholarship: An Invaluable Medical Resource

Sigma Theta Tau International is the International Honor Society of Nursing. This is a strong network of dynamic leaders, well-trained in the field of nursing. The official journal for the International Honor Society is The Journal of Nursing Scholarship (JNS). The Journal of Nursing Scholarship is a highly respected, extensively read collection of articles by the industry’s best. The journal is highly regarded by health professionals as one of the leading sources of published research in the nursing field.

The Journal of Nursing Scholarship is the diligent effort of Sigma Theta Tau International to improve nursing care on a global scale. The widely circulated wealth of information reaches over 90 countries and over 130,000 medical professionals around the world. The journal is peer-reviewed for clinical accuracy and relevance. Quarterly published, the committed contributors provide information on new research to subscribers and members of the Honor Society of Nursing.

A variety of areas of research are covered in the effort to support advanced nursing education. Research topics such as nursing practice, nursing profession, delivery of nursing care and education are explored by some of nursing’s brightest minds. The Journal of Nursing Scholarship provides readers with articles meant to enhance knowledge, promote better practices and grow the scientific base within the field. Vision for the future is a key focus within the journal, and fresh perspectives from highly esteemed contributors keep the reader base growing.

The nurses of the 1960’s and 1970’s were major contributors in the research and development of the framework for today’s nursing practices. They provided direction for future nursing research and recognized a need for better communication of research findings. The Journal of Nursing Scholarship was first published in 1967 under the name of Sigma Theta Tau Journal. Its ever growing importance in the medical world is supported by the profound Impact Factor that it holds with current published medical papers. The Impact Factor is a number that is determined by the amount of times a publication is cited by other authors. Year after year, The Journal of Nursing Scholarship is greatly cited and rates high among reputable science and medical journals.

The conduct of clinical research is a vital part of ensuring consistent development within the field of nursing. Exploring the experiences of medical professionals and patients expands the capacity for better change. Bringing to light subjects that open the line of communication between today’s nursing professionals is yet another way The Journal of Nursing Scholarship makes its mark on the medical community. Current, original papers on all areas of nursing are embraced by scholars and professionals, sparking conversation, better practices and ultimately change.

The high quality content of The Journal of Nursing Scholarship is achieved and maintained through vigorous peer-review. All submitted work is carefully scrutinized before consideration for publication. The process to choose articles to be published puts emphasis on scientific rigor as well as current relevance. This high standard for content and clinical supported material is the reason the journal is respected and heralded by the medical community.

The Journal of Nursing Scholarship is a major contributor to the expansion of the scientific base of nursing. Assisting educational and professional development through a continuous path lined with fresh, valid information. The Journal of Nursing Scholarship offers views and theories from all over the world. Perspectives from international nursing professionals promote different learning experiences and network opportunities. The mission of the journal’s official society, Sigma Theta Tau, is to provide key elements to better the field of nursing, ultimately to achieve a world of healthier people.

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