Male nurse costumes

Male nurse costumes, Male nurse outfit, Male costumes ideas

Whether you are gearing up for Halloween or just a costume party, a male nurse costume is a fun idea. Whether you are a nurse or not, it’s always fun to dress up in costume. There are several options to choose from when picking out what to wear, but use your imagination – you’re only limited by what you can think up.

There are a couple of variations on male nurse costumes you can try. One of them is good if you have a twisted sense of humor and don’t mind gender bending with it – whatever you do, remember to have fun. You can sport some attractive thigh-high stockings that will show off your legs.

There are some fun costume accessories if you want to be a slightly twisted male nurse. You can sport an evil-looking, enormous syringe that will have your fellow party-goers cowering in fear. You can disguise your face with a doctor’s mask. You can even bust out the crazy clunky chunky orthopedic shoes to go with your stockings.

And of course, don’t forget the stethoscope. You may have people approaching you all night, and once they get past your shoes (if you’re feeling really wild you can try to find some white patent leather pumps), you may get several requests for an “examination”. Hey, you can always determine if anyone’s interested in you by checking out their heartbeat with your stethoscope.

And don’t forget your clipboard for medical notes. Not only are they a great nurse uniform prop, but it’s a great way to get people’s phone numbers. And you can always top everything off with an adorable little nurse’s cap with a red cross on it.

Okay, so maybe this type of nursing getup is a little less manly than you want. That’s okay, there is nothing out there that says you can’t be a manly male nurse, except for years of societal misunderstanding and judgment, of course.

You can be a little more butch if you decide to sport scrubs as your male nurse attire. There are lots of colors and patterns to choose from, which you may want to go for, since if you go for the standard blue scrubs you may be mistaken for a doctor, and that could get embarrassing.

If you want to take it to the nth degree, you could always get one of those male bodybuilding costumes for under your scrubs that makes you look like a super bodybuilder a la Arnold Schwarzenegger, RN. With your bulging nurse muscles you may have females swooning all over you. 😉

The main thing to do is just have fun with it. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable people around you will be. It provides a great opportunity for you to discuss what it’s like to be a nurse if you are a nurse, and educate people about your profession, with real props if you have them. Dress however you feel like, and you’ll have a great time and people will love it.

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