Male nurses in canada

Male nursing in Canada

Male nurses in Canada is gradually increasing and in the year 2005 the percentage of male nurses was about 5.89%. This is the most recent statistics ever since the last taken in the year 2000 that was 4.99%. This is good news as the number of rising slowly and steadily. Quebec currently has the largest percent of male nurses in the nation and there are over 10 % of the 58,008 male nurses that are working in that province today.

Earlier there was a myth that men in the profession were lagging behind but now times have changed. Men are now becoming aware of the career prospects that a male nurse holds and this is the reason why it is growing. In fact, thanks to the present set of male nurses in the health care industry they are now mentors and role models to be followed. Male nursing in Canada is gradually coming into the picture and like USA there are more and more students who are taking up the profession for the bright career prospects that are involved.

The medical and the nursing industry have stated that nursing is a profession for everyone. There is a severe shortage of nurses not only in the USA but also the world around. This is the reason why men are encouraged to take the profession up as there are great career enhancement growths in it. This growth is not going to stop as it is here to stay in the next few years and so men do have a very lucrative and bright future!

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