Men in nursing journal

Male Nurse Journal

The male nurse journal is dedicated to the male nurse experiences and the complications of the male being a nurse. The nursing and the healthcare profession is one that has been dedicated to females for a long time. The advent of men in the professional changed the perception of the common man. Male nurses are indispensable to the nursing sector today and there are many articles and essays that have been written about them after regarding their experiences and the hostilities that they face while making an attempt to establish themselves in a female oriented profession.

The male nurse journal is one that renders the reader the current status of the male nurse in the healthcare industry. Patients’ especially elderly ones have welcomed male nurses and they have discovered that males also have the same amount of compassion and care like their female counterparts. There have been cases if discrimination and hostility from female co-workers. The past experiences of some male nurses have been bitter and they have been recorded in the male nurse journal. When it comes to the present times it has been observed that things have changed for the better and many articles in the male nurse journals record this. In fact, males have become a necessity in the healthcare industry as they are hard-working and are able to cope with the stress and the demands of the healthcare industry.

The male nurse journal gives us an insight into the feelings of being a male nurse and he experiences that is associated with it!

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