Nurses in europe

Male nursing in Europe

In the early times there were many men who deterred taking up nursing as a profession as it was considered to be a female’s profession. Times have changed and now there are many men who are taking up the nursing profession all across the globe. Male nursing in Europe has also grown and there are many males who are taking up the career because of the lucrative career advancement and prospects.

A number of male nurse training schools have come up in Europe to encourage men in the field of nursing. Male nursing in Europe emerged with a large number of men became nurses when the Black Death struck parts of Europe. Like their female counterparts these men also undertook the responsibility of care and compassion. They catered to patients and earned a name for themselves during that time.

Years have passed by and now the scenario like the USA and UK are witnessing an increase in the number of male nurses in the medical and the healthcare sector. It has been found that there are some men who have become mentors and role models for young men to take up nursing as a career. The career has many benefits and male nurses are also paid equally for their job responsibilities when compared to their female counterparts. In fact, it has been seen that there are many scholarships and grants that are available to the male candidate for the purpose of studying nursing and taking it up as a full time career!

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