Top 10 wacky scholarships and why

There are literally hundreds of scholarships you can apply for. These scholarships are broken down into many categories, and are offered by a multitude of organizations. A lot of people will overlook scholarships when it comes to the overall financial aid package. This is mostly because people don’t have all the information on what might be available to them.

#1. The Discover Card Tribute Award is awarded to ten first place students, and then to almost three hundred runners up. The requirements for this scholarship are a 2.75 GPA. Applicants must have also overcome a difficult situation in their lifetime during which they demonstrated leadership ability. This adversity must be documented . First place recipients receive a $25,000 scholarship, while the runners up are awarded $2,500.

#2. The Tylenol Scholarship aims to relieve headaches around the world. Last year students received over $250,000 in financial aid from this company. Applicants must be majoring in healthcare and have demonstrate academic excellence and leadership. More information is available from the company.

#3. If you have to duck most of the time, and people are always asking you to get that for them, then you may want to look into the Tall Club’s International Scholarship. The only requirements is that a male be over 6’2 and a female be over 5’10. Applicants are asked to write an essay on what being tall means to them.

#4. If you’ve ever read anything by the author Ayn Rand, then you will be happy to know you may be able to turn that knowledge into college money. Students must have read and then write an essay on the author’s popular novels. Last year the foundation awarded over $98,000 in scholarship money.

#5. Got milk? If so you can get money for school. Just apply for the 14th annual Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year award. This award is a scholarship offered in conjunction with several educational organizations. This scholarship is for outstanding student athletes who are also high school seniors. Applicants are judged by academic and athletic excellence, as well as by leadership and interpersonal skills. The winner receives $7,500 and the chance to be in a sponsored ad as part of the Got Milk ad campaign.

#6. For those people who just missed on the Tall People Scholarship, there is nothing to worry about. You can apply for the Billy Barty Foundation Scholarship. Applicants must be shorter than 4’10, and might be asked to furnish medical proof of dwarfism. More information is available on the Foundation website.

#7. Nothing is more American than apple pie. If you’re good at making it, you may be able to win money to attend school. The Culinary Institute is proud to sponsor an apple pie baking contest each year, in which students have the chance to win money towards their education. First place is $25,000, second gets $10,000 and runners up get $5,000.

#8. Beef isn’t just what’s for dinner anymore. Now you can use your love of beef to pay for school. The National Beef Ambassador program sponsors a contest each year for students. Applicants must prepare and deliver a speech on a beef-related topic that is chosen by the program. Winners can receive up to full scholarships.

#9.¬† If you have a sweet tooth that won’t go away, you can use that to help you pay for college. The American Association of Candy Technologies awards annual scholarships to students who are studying in the food service industry, and who have a special interest in desserts. Sounds like fun to apply for.

#10. Yes this is the digital age, the information age, the computer age. However if you are a ham radio enthusiast you can get money to go to college. Applicants must demonstrate skill in the area of a ham radio, and must have received their first ham operators license. More information is available from the American Radio Relay League Foundation.

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