How to become a cna in Texas

How To Become A CNA In Texas

There are many students who aspire to join the medical and the healthcare professional and look for the ways on how to become a certified nursing aide or a CNA in Texas. There are three ways in which they can do so. The first way is to complete a nurse aide course that is approved by Texas and pass the state examination. The second way is to challenge the CNA and obtain the pass mark while the third way is to submit an application for reciprocity in case the candidate has already been certified as a nurse aide in another state.

In order to become a CNA the candidate needs to appear for an examination that consists of two parts. The first part is one that tests the skills of the candidate on client care and there are five randomly selected skills that the candidate needs to pass. The second part tests the knowledge and the concepts of the nurse aide and this part is one that includes the answering of 60 questions that are of the multiple choice nature. The schools based in Texas have programs that offer a minimum of 75 hours of training.

There are 51 hours of training that is dedicated to classroom teaching. There is 24 hours that is dedicated to clinical training. After completion of the course the candidate needs to appear for the test within 24 months after completing the CNA training course. In case the candidate does not pass in the first attempt he/she can retake the test. After the candidate passes the test the certificate is sent to the candidate within four to six weeks. The examination can be taken at any facility that has the approval for conducting the test by the Department of Health.

A candidate has the choice to skip the nurse aide training course program and also challenge the CNA examination of the state if they have previously completed the nurse aide course however not taken the examination that is conducted by the state in case they have been enrolled in a RN or a LPN program. Texas does not lay down any provisions for individuals to have a GED or a high school diploma in order to enroll in a CNA class and become a CNA. Texas differs from other states as there are no provisions for the renewal of certifications. The certificates have no expiration date however it is mandatory for a nurse to contact the Texas Nurse Aide Registry for the up gradation and the verification of his/her employment status after every two years. This ensures that the name of the nurse aide is listed as active in the state Registry.

It is mandatory for the nurse to be aware of the state nurse aide registry as employers tend to check into the details and the information of the nurse. In order to get employment in the state of Texas and in any healthcare and medical establishment it is mandatory that the details are there.

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