Male CNA

All about becoming a male CNA

The huge growth in the healthcare industry is attracting more men in the field. Today, many men are ready to look at the various nursing career options and are ready to become a Certified Nursing Assistant or a male CNA considering the lucrative salary and job security it offers.

Why to become a male CNA

In these tough economic conditions when there are constant layoffs and corporate downsizing, it is important to have a fixed job that can help an individual especially the prime earner of any house to have a regular source of income. The CNA profession exactly offers this to an individual. No matter what, patient care is necessary and United States is seeing a lot of demand for people who can provide bedside care to people in hospitals and nursing homes. Considering this, a male CNA can easily increase his income prospects.

Job profile of a male CNA

The male CNA has to conduct various job responsibilities. Some of these include performing EKGs, drawing blood, assisting with procedures, transporting patients, and ER techs. Male CNA’s can work even in the psychiatric units and can serve as psych techs. A male CNA will also have to change bed linens, clean and sterilize, store the supplies. The male CNA has to rely on the instructions provided by the nurse or supervisor and needs to report to the nurse on a regular basis to ensure that the job is functioning in a proper manner.

Qualification for CNA

A person can become CNA only if he has passed high school diploma or has a 0-2 years of experience. The person also needs to have good amount of knowledge about the various practices, procedures, and concepts widely used in the healthcare industry.

The male CNA salary

This is important aspect of the profession as many male CNA. The job of CNA usually pays well. The average salary that a male CNA can get is around $27,000. However, this can vary as per the company, industry, and most importantly experience of the male CNA.

This was some basic information about what it takes a male to become a CNA. A male CNA will have to prepare himself to deal with the emotional situations that arise due to the situations while taking care of a patient if he really wants to make the most out of this profession.

Once you become CNA, Next step would be Registered Nurse. There are several CNA to RN scholarships available.

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