Minority scholarships for men

College Scholarships For Minority Men

Going to college can seem like an expensive undertaking. A lot of people will pass on the chance, thinking that they cannot afford it, or that they don’t have the time to devote to full time studies. There is financial aid out there for people who are eligible. A lot of schools are trying to attract more students to their institutions. They feel a diversified student body is a stronger student body.

Many of these schools have set up scholarship opportunities for minority groups. There are also several offered by businesses and other private organizations. These groups feel that race should make no difference when it comes to the qualifications of a student, and that every student deserves an education. Here are some of the top scholarship opportunities for males from minority races.

The United Negro College Fund has been handing out its scholarships for more than sixty years. It is the oldest scholarship group anywhere that represents a minority. More than two billion dollars in aid has been handed to grateful students over this period. Receiving a scholarship from this group is fairly straightforward. The student must be enrolled at a college that is a participating member, and then must apply for the scholarship. After that the committee determines an award and the student receives a letter.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund has been offering many different types of scholarships. This organization proudly enters its thirtieth year helping Hispanic students from all walks of life realize their educational dreams. The HSF continues to increase their number of available scholarships. This is an attempt to double the number of Hispanic students enrolled in college by next year.

Though there hasn’t been much attention paid to their education as of late, Native Americans are making up for lost time. More students are leaving reservations and communities to come to the bigger schools. There are actually quite a few places a Native American can apply for scholarships.

The Adolph Von Pelt scholarships are available to any student that is at least one-fourth Native American, and a descendant of a registered tribe. Applicants must submit certification of descent, an academic transcript, and an educational needs budget in order to be considered for this award.

Catching The Dream is an organization that provides scholarships for Native American students. Applicants must be able to prove their lineage, and must also have demonstrated academic achievement up to this point. Applicants should also be active in community affairs. High SAT and ACT scores are recommended as well.

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