Emergency nurse certification

Wondering How To Get Emergency Nurse Certification

For those interested in how to get emergency nursing certification, you must already be a Registered Nurse in the United States, and have an unrestricted nursing license or certificate that is current. Preferred but not required, is having had two or more years experience working in the United States as an emergency room nurse.

These are voluntary certifications intended to continually improve professional standards and heighten individual performance and education.

Process for taking the CEN exam:
1. Order an application from the Certifying Board for Emerg. Nursing, or BCEN. There is an online request form on the website for the BCEN.

2. Fill out and return the application with the correct fee, by one of two ways (see A and B). Currently the fee is $360. This is reduced to $220 for nurses who belong to the Emergency Nurses Assoc.(ENA)

  • Online: Application may be filled out and returned online, but payment requires a credit card.
  • U.S. Postal Mail: Print your application and mail in with payment by paper check. Send to the BCEN office.
  • Note: If you can combine your application with 2 other applicants “in the same envelope”, you may deduct $20 from each of the 3 applicants fee’s.

3. Once the Board receives both, a handbook and authorization letter will be sent. After receiving these you may schedule an appointment to take the exam.

Exams are given on a computer and are offered at more than 165 Assessment Centers, all over the U.S. You must make an appointment at least four days prior to taking the exam.

The BCEN also offers online practice Exams for the Emergency Nurse Certification Test. You may order one online at the BCEN website. Fee’s are either $30 for a 50 question CEN Practice Exam, or $75 for a 150 question CEN Practice Exam. These may be taken only once per fee.

Once you’ve successfully completed the exam through the BCEN certification program, emergency care nurses earn the privilege of using their certificate as formal notification to employers, patients and peers. A BCEN certificate is a guarantee that a Nurse has passed a test of competency and has committed to furthering her schooling. It can be viewed as a symbol of dedication to the practice of being an Emergency Care Nurse.

There is a separate certificate program for emergency nurses in pediatrics (CPEN) for those who’ve been providing urgent and emergency care to pediatric patients. It has been developed by partnership of the BCEN and the Pediatrics’ Nurse Certifying Board. The procedure is very similar to how to get emergency nurse certification, and you can find more information on either of the two Associations’ websites.

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