Nephrology nursing certification

How to get nephrology nursing certification

The nurses who have specialized in nephrology have to provide nursing care to the patients who are suffering from kidney abnormalities. These nurses are given comprehensive training to assist patient who are seeking dialysis treatments. The role of these nurses is to implement treatment plans for helping patients to recover from kidney disorders. If you want to specialize in this field as a nurse then the best way to go about is by getting the Nephrology Nursing Certification. For getting this certificate you will have to apply for the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission’s (NNCC) certification program which is offered for the Registered Nurses. Once you have completed the program you will be able to attain the Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN) credential which will help you in getting an edge over the other nurses in this field.

There are certain eligibility criteria that you will have to meet in order to get enrolled with the CNN certification program. First and foremost requirement is that you have to be a registered nurse. To get a RN license you have to have a bachelor’s of science in nursing. It is also required to have two years of nursing experience in the field of nephrology. It is necessary for the applicants to at least 30 hours of nephrology nursing continuing education credits as stated by the NNCC.

On finding yourself eligible for the CNN credential you will be required to sit for an examination that would prove your competence in this field of nursing. Before sitting for the examination the applicants must prepare themselves for the CNN test which comprises of 200 multiple-choice questions. Some of the related areas that are covered in these questions include renal failure, peritoneal dialysis, transplants and acute therapies. A major part of the examination is based on topics covering renal failure and hemodialysis whereas there is a short segment about peritoneal dialysis. The aspirants also need to have knowledge about pharmacological interventions and current holistic approaches. Even though the examination is difficult to clear in one shot once an aspirant gets the certification through their hard work they can become well distinguished from other nurses.

An important fact to know about the CNN credential is that it becomes expired after every three years. This implies that you will have to apply for recertification if you do want your certificate to lose its value. When you are applying for the recertification it is important that you have a valid license as a registered nurse. In order to retain the CNN credential you will have to go through an additional 45 hours of nephrology nursing continuing-education hours.

The nephrology nurses have bright career prospects all over the world and the demand for them are on the rise. This is so because the number of patients suffering from kidney disorders is increasing. As per a recent survey the job opportunities for these nurses are going to increase by 22 percent in the next seven years. The nurses specializing in this field have many roles to play according to which they are awarded with the salary and job benefits.

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