Nurses burnout

What is nursing stress burnout? Causes, symptoms, consequences and prevention of nursing burnout. Nurse burnout and patient satisfaction

It goes without saying that nursing is a very stressful job and it is natural for nurses to get exhausted when they are burning themselves for the job. The nurses burn out not only because of the stressful hospital environment that requires them to be on their toes all the time but also because of the emotional pressure that they feel in caring for their patients. Some of the other factors that are responsible for the burnout of nurses include unpleasant co-workers, stiff competition among the nurses, insecurities, financial troubles as well as incomplete sleep because of hectic hours.

Nurse burnout statistics

Every 4 nurses out of 10 are most likely to suffer burnout from the stress in nursing field. This ratio is increasing due to nursing shortage. There aren’t enough nurses to take care of patients needs. This is a global issue. An average living age for man is now 74 and for woman, it is 77. This age range improved due to modern medical science. But now we face a different challenge which is to provide care for more elderly humans. So the workload for nurses have almost doubled.

Working conditions for nurses

The nurses that have been in this field for a long time get adapted to the hassles of their job but the new ones are those who have the most difficulty in avoiding a burn out. These nurses have to bear the overwhelming pressures and stresses that are associated with this profession because of which they are bound to feel both physically and mentally exhausted within a few months of working as a nurse. Furthermore, the nurses have to go through difficult situations and even see death of the patients they have been caring for. If the nurses are not emotionally strong they can fall in the trap of depression which further leads to illness.

Preventing burnout in nursing

There are certain tips and tricks that you can follow in order to make sure that you do not have a burn out when you are working as a nurse. It is important that nurses have some medium of fun and levity in their lives. This is the reason why the nurses are advised to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life. If you have been working for too long and you are feeling that you are on the verge of a collapse then you need to engage in some fun activities with your loved ones. A fun day out with friends and family can restore your equilibrium and also alleviate stress.

To avoid getting stress you can keep a hobby that would distract your mind from the depressing thoughts of your work life when you are not on duty. You can have a heart to heart chat about the mental pressure that you are bearing with your superiors so that they can help you in bringing some improvement in your work environment. A good support system in the form of friends, family or colleagues can go a long way in reducing your stress level. If a particular shift does not work well for you it is advisable that you change your shift.

Nurses not only need to care for their patient’s body and mind but also for themselves. You must not forget that if you are not healthy yourself you can not look after your patients in the best possible manner. This is why you need to incorporate good eating habits to keep your body and mind fit. It is also a good idea to join a fitness center like a gym or aerobics class.

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