Gifts for nicu nurses

Know What Are The Best And Creative Gifts For NICU Nurses

NICU Nurses are important healthcare professionals in society and in order to show your appreciation for them for taking wonderful care for babies, you can give them gifts to show that you care too. Choosing the best and creative gifts for NICU nurses is not a mammoth task at all. There are many options available to you and these gifts can be presented to NICU nurses at any time of the year.

You can give Thank You Notes to NICU nurses to display your heartfelt thanks for doing their duties well and sincerely. These notes are such that they really lift our spirits especially when there are sad days at the NICU. You can also double the joys of the gift by sending a copy to the nurse manager of the unit or the customer service department of the hospital.

Some of the best gifts for NICU nurses can be the pictures of the strong and healthy babies that they have cared for. Nurses get attached to a baby that they have cared for a long period of time and after these babies go home they often miss them.

There are a host of novelty items that you can gift to nurses like fun pens, badge holders etc. There are pens that are shaped like syringes, badge holders with smiley faces and badge scissors that are shiny that can make attractive gifts for NICU nurses.

You can gift nurses’ flavored coffee, coffee creamers and gourmet coffees that energize them after a twelve hour shift. This will give them a fresh break from the regular coffee that drinks in the hospital.

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