CNA certification renewal in Michigan

How long is the cna license of Michigan valid?
The CNA license is valid for two years and the validity is calculated from the date of issue of the license.

What are the requirement to renew your CNA license in the state of Michigan?
There are few requirements you need to meet in order to get the renewal of certified nursing assistant license in the state of Michigan. In order to renew a license the CNA must work hard at least 160 hours in the last two years. If any CNA does not work in the mentioned period of time then that cnas license will be trail off. Apart from this you might have to retake the exam or you might have to go through the recertification classes. There are some states that provide the facility of renewing the license in online. In Michigan the nurse aid profession is followed according to the state’s federal rules and regulations. It is essential for the CNAs of Michigan to renew their registry document in every two year and that document must carry few things. One particular thing is that you have to submit eight hours of work experience and those experiences need to be gathered in two years. So, the working hour proof need to be inserted in the document.

How much Michigan charged for the CNA license renewal?
It is approximately $20. But if you fail to renew the cna license in time then you have to give the nursing entrance exam again. You have to pay $119.00 (approx), if you appear in the clinical exam again. If you give the knowledge test for the second time then you have to pay $45.50(approx)

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