Scholarships for Dental Assistants

Dental assistant educational programs generally require a two years degree along with a certificate from a trade school. These programs spread over a time span of nine to twelve months. Naturally, students require financial aid. Such help is given in the form of loans, but the most beneficial is a scholarship since it does not have to be paid back.

Scholarships for Dental Assistants:

Here are the top five scholarships dental assistants can apply for

1. The ADEAGies education fellowship is given to educators in dental field for problems issued in this field. The applicant receives $10,000 for an overwhelming educational experience at Washington, D.C. Applicants are required to visit and complete their application online.

2. The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation (also known as DTAF) works for the promotion of oral healthiness in the US. They offer two scholarships worth $5,000 to the students of third or fourth year. The dean of the dental schools in US is required to nominate one student and submit the application at the dean’s office. You can read further details at

3. The Jeanne C. Sinkford Scholarship program was named after a highly esteemed and well-educated woman named Jeanne C. Skinford. Ms. Skinford played an important role for women in the dental field.  This scholarship of $15,000 is provided to women only.  The applicants are required to complete their application at

4. In memory of a famous scholar and researcher, Dr. Leonard Abrams, the Leonard Abrams scholarship is presented by the Alpha Omega Foundation. The receiver of this grant is given $20,000 for the program that spreads over a span of a year at the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Institute. Applicants are required to complete their application at and specify that they are interested in Leonard Abrams Scholarship in the ADEA Leadership Institute.

5. Ranking on number five on the list of top dental assisting scholarships, this scholarship is awarded by the Colgate-Palmolive Company and ADEA. ADEA/Colgate-Palmolive Co. Excellence in Teaching Award is a distinguished award that is provided to exceptional dental teachers in order to enhance their skills and efforts. The applicant receives a sum of $2500. Applicants can visit for completing their application online.

For those who would want to go an extra mile in order to enhance their learning, these scholarships are quite helpful. Such grants are advantageous especially to those who cannot afford higher education, be it a student or a teacher of dentistry. Aid can also be provided in the form of loans, but then again, the sum of money has to be paid back hence making scholarships the most convenient source of help for those who want to make their career as dental assistants.

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