Scholarships for vegetarians

Vegetarians and people supporting it are seriously hard to find in current world. People have different reasons so support and follow it. There are a few organizations who actually offer scholarships to those who have been vegetarian or have made some superb efforts to encourage it. For some individuals, eating the same animal they love is quite difficult to do. There are a few organizations which are engaged in offering services which include:

  • Educating and spreading awareness regarding benefits of vegetarian diet and its importance among people in general.
  • Health benefits of taking a vegetarian diet also fall under the same category.
  • Encouraging people regarding vegetarian diet and introduction to some of the scholarships available for encouragement.

Special Organization VRG

In maximum number of cases, the organizations offering scholarships for vegetarianism are private and rely on donations and aids from governments. VRG (Vegetarian Resource Group) is such an organization. It has been engaged in offering the above stated services and frequently visits schools and other educational institutes to increase awareness of the health benefits of vegetarian foods. They also provide suggestions regarding diet programs for people in different age groups.

Scholarships for Vegetarians

The organizations have not only been promoting vegetarianism but also encourage those who assist it in the task. Recently it started a scholarship scheme under which students passing high schools will be offered $5000, if they had made impressive efforts for vegetarianism. One needs to fill the specific form to claim his/her eligibility for this purpose. Candidates need to fill all three parts containing personal and academic information. There is a special column for reference thus, one need to come up with an authorized reference. In order to get the correct information of one’s views regarding vegetarianism, in the given space he/she needs to present their thoughts about topic and what steps can be taken to encourage it. In the last section the candidate has to provide academic details.

What makes such types of weirdest scholarships special is no one can actually think of receiving scholarships for their diet. Vegetarians are certainly going to find it amusing as it not only supports their eating habit, but offers a chance to win the scholarship for it. For students, it is an excellent opportunity to make the best use of their knowledge and also to spread awareness in their vegetarian mates.

Contact The Vegetarian Resource Group today.
P.O. Box 1463
Baltimore, MD 21203
call (410) 366-8343 or email
Download VRG scholarship application here.

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Weirdest scholarships

Top 10 Weirdest Scholarships

Can scholarships be weird? Well, not the scholarship funds but way of giving that particular scholarships can be wacky. Scholarships are given to those who are really in need and have the expected qualities or characteristic and meet the required conditions. Those conditions are determined by the sponsor who provides the scholarship funds. In usual scenario scholarship conditions are mostly academic related but there are few exceptions too. Nowadays scholarship sponsors have started making efforts to do something different to reach out to those who needs extra boost to their confidence. The desire to come up with something unique has made them do few astonishing tasks and one of them is offering weird scholarships. Basically a scholarship is provided to those students who belong to poor economic background and looking to have financial support. But a weird scholarship chooses its candidates on some awkward basis.

List of Weird Scholarships

Have a glance at few most weird scholarships offered in different parts of the world.

Left Hand scholarship” is one of the most unusual types of scholarships. The candidates applying for this scholarship must be left handed. Even though there are thousands of candidates who are “left hander”, but Juanita College in Pennsylvania have been very constant in offering it to students.

Next is for those students working full time or part time as an ice cream seller. With thousands of outsiders, most of the students join part time jobs for pocket money. Those working as ice cream retailers might get lucky to receive $1000.

Though unusual name may become your biggest enemy right from your childhood, but it certainly can assist you becoming eligible for scholarship provided by Loyola University based on Chicago. Some of the most unusual names such as “Tokaya” are be the one who can win scholarships.

Though it appears quite weird but few allergies such as asthma can make you win scholarships. AAAAI is the institute who actually introduced this scheme. Sponsoring this scholarship, the organization is engaged in novel task of supporting Asthma patients.

Vegetarian scholarships are especially presented to individuals having encouraged vegetarianism among people in general.

What does being tall means to you? Write an article on it and mail if you are 6’2” for males and 5’10” for females. It can make you earn $1000. Find details on scholarship for tall people.

Do you love gulping milk? Or are well aware of the benefits of regularly drinking milk? Write an essay on this topic and you might win special scholarship presented by Milk processors and USA Today.

Students looking to make a career in agriculture are eligible to claim for scholarship if potato is their concentration area.

Chick and Sophie Major Duck Calling scholarship is presented at Stuttgart. All those chicks talented enough to call the ducks are eligible for this scholarship worth $2000.

Scholarships for those who are just perfect in predicting future through any method or astrology can apply for this most weird scholarship. But the predicting is not the only criteria. One needs to be great at economics to predict regarding future economic conditions.